November 27, 2020

The Canary Islands register 124 positives and one death in Tenerife during the last 24 hours

The Canary Islands have registered a total of 17,787 cases of coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, increasing in the last 24 hours in 124, time in which it has also had to regret a death more in Tenerife that rise to 291 deaths from this virus in the archipelago.

Thus it is clear from the data that Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands publishes daily at 2:00 p.m. They show that of the total number of cases registered in the archipelago currently, 5,334 are active on the islands (-134).

Of the active cases by Covid-19 in the Canary Islands, 38 people are in an Intensive Care Unit (-3), 191 are in a hospital ward (+6) and the remaining 5,105 are in home isolation.

As for the patients who have overcome the disease on the islands, they stand at 12,162, which implies 257 more than a day ago.

Currently, the incidence of the virus in the Canary Islands is 36.9 per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days; while in the period of 14 days this incidence is 71.9.

Also, to date, 499,866 PCR test in the archipelago –4,277 in the last day – of which 22,596 have given a positive result, which implies 4.5 percent of the tests carried out.

By islands, Gran Canaria has computed a total of 8,763 cases since the start of the health crisis (+28), of which 1,902 are active (-43), 6,743 have overcome the disease and 118 have died.

It is followed in the number of cases by Tenerife with 6,607 (+83), of which 3,299 are active (-95), 3,154 have received medical discharge and 154 perished (+1).

Lanzarote, for its part, is the third island with the most cases computed, amounting to 1,284 cases (+7), of which 70 are active positives, 1,205 have overcome the disease and nine have died.

Behind it is Fuerteventura, which has registered 778 cases since the beginning of the pandemic (+6), of which 52 are active, while 723 overcame the virus and three died.

La Palma registers 196 cases, four of them active positive, 186 medical discharges and six deaths; and La Gomera registers 93 cases, of which six are still active and 87 have received medical discharge.

Finally, El Hierro remains with 66 cases, of which one is active and 64 have overcome the virus, while one person has died. In this way, La Gomera is the only island that has not registered deaths.


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