December 3, 2020

The Canary Islands receives 973,380 euros for the PROA + Education program

The Council of Ministers has validated the criteria for the distribution of 20 million euros among the autonomous communities through the Program for Orientation, Advancement and Educational Enrichment (PROA +) in the face of the educational emergency situation for the 2020-21 academic year, of which the Canary Islands will receive 973,380 euros.

These are aid aimed at strengthening the centers financed with public funds, which “face greater educational complexity” and they are added to the 40 million already approved in July, the Ministry of Education has indicated in a note.

The Department of Isabel Celaá It will distribute these funds among the communities according to the evolution of the pandemic and the characteristics and singularities of the educational centers, teachers and students.

The distribution criterion has been established based on the following variables: the number of students enrolled in Primary and Secondary (50% power); the percentage of students with specific educational support needs (twenty %); the suitability rate at 15 years (20%) and the dispersion of the population (10%).

The cast has been like this:

CCAA Amount (euros)


Andalusia 2,646,056.00

Aragon 859,048.00

Asturias 771,691.00

Balearic Islands 1,001,457.00

Canary Islands 973,380.00

Cantabria 707,122.00

Castile and León 1,060,883.00

Castilla-La Mancha 1,075,274.00

Catalonia 2,277,103.00

Valencian Community 1,839,728.00

Extremadura 823,172.00

Galicia 1,179,203.00

Madrid 1,904,699.00

Murcia 1,083,346.00

Navarra 1,006,973.00

La Rioja 790,865.00

TOTAL 20,000,000.00. EFE


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