The Canary Islands receive 6.7 million tourists during the first six months of 2022

Arcadio Suarez

This July, the archipelago has been the fifth destination for foreigners, with 11.3% of all those who have traveled to Spain


The Canary Islands have received 6,774,623 international tourists between January and July 2022,
480.13% more than in the same period last year, and 11.29% less than in the first seven months of 2019, before the pandemic.

The expenditure of international tourists in the Balearic Islands in the first seven months of the year has been
9,692 million euros730% higher than last year, when travelers left 1,667 million, and only 0.46% compared to 2019, according to the Tourist Expenditure Survey (Egatur)

This July, the Canary Islands have been the
fifth destination for foreignerswith 11.3% of all those who have traveled to Spain, according to the "Statistics of Tourist Movements on Borders, Frontur", published this Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Furthermore, this July, the Canary Islands received
1,028,960 international tourists148.4% more than the same month last year, and 0.26% less than the same month in 2019.

The main countries of residence of the tourists who have come to the islands in June are
United Kingdomwith 41.2% of the total and
Germany (15.4%).

On the other hand, the Canary Islands were the community with the third highest weight in tourist spending in July, since foreign travelers spent the
13.6% of the total of the autonomous communities main destination that month.

Tourism spending has been
1,608 million euros in the Balearic Islands in July155.8% more than in that month last year.

In this way, the average expenditure per tourist was 1,564 euros, 3% higher; the average daily expenditure of 184 euros, 10.8% more, and the stay of
8.5 days on average7% lower.

At a national level, the main destination for foreign tourism in July was the Balearic Islands, with
25.1% of the total (2.3 million, mainly from the United Kingdom and Germany), followed by Catalonia (2 million, who came mainly from France and the rest of Europe), and the Valencian Community (1.1 million, the majority from the United Kingdom and France).

In the accumulated of the first seven months of 2021, the community that received the most tourists
it was Catalonia: almost eight million, more than triple that in that period of 2021, but at a distance from the 11.3 million of those pre-covid months.

The Balearic Islands received almost 7.5 million in January-July, almost double that of 2021 and closer to the 7.9 of 2019.

Also in volume of spending in July, the British are in first position, with
€2,379 million (258% more than a year before), followed by the Germans (1,339 million, 56.4% more) and the French (1,213 million, 70.3% more).

The main means of access for travelers in July was, as usual, by plane, which took
7.13 million tourists (nearly 80% of those who arrived), twice as much as a year earlier. By road came 1.76 million.

The greatest growth occurred in those who arrived by boat, which multiplied by eight, up to 141,360 people.

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