The Canary Islands Rally repeats as the most watched of the European - La Provincia

One more year, the Canary Islands Rally it was the proll more view on television throughout the 2019 season of the European Championship of the specialty. This is stated in the report that Nielsen Sports, the consulting firm specializing in sponsorship and entertainment in sports, prepares for Eurosport Events, promoter of the continental contest. Good news, if in doubt, in the face of The next edition, number 44, scheduled for May 7, 8 and 9.

In the accumulated of the whole year, the 43rd edition of the Grancanario event, in which Madrid was imposed Pepe López and Borja Rozada with the Citroën C3 R5got an audience of 36.98 million viewers.

Already in the analysis that the consultant developed when the European had only held four of its eight tests, the Canary Islands appeared prominent in the viewer ranking. The subsequent incorporation in the report of the remaining tests in which the twisting was decided did not affect the leadership of the island rally.

Another illustrative fact of the specific weight that the 'Canary Islands' has in the European Championship scheme is that the second most watched event, the Rally of Poland, obtained 29 million spectators, almost eight million less. The third meeting with the largest audience was the Rally of Rome Capital with 23.5 million.

Therefore, besides being uNo. of the major rally rallies and with a better atmosphere in attendance and timed sections, the Grancanaria test It is confirmed as one of the most interesting for viewers around the world, according to this report from Nielsen Sports.

All these figures are produced in a framework, that of championship promoted by Eurosport Events, which also threw record audiences in its 2019 edition. Despite having reduced the number of broadcast hours, the European 48% improved the number of viewers over the past year to overcome the 163 million barrier.

Jean-Baptiste Ley, event coordinator, valued the results of this report: "Without a doubt This impressive audience figure gives a measure of the popularity of the Canary Islands Rally. The test has the advantage of being well established and promoted locally, nationally and internationally, and this report reflects all these attributes. Given the impressive and picturesque landscape of Gran Canaria, it is difficult not to produce spectacular television images. In addition, to be held in May, with the season still beginning, there are many stories to tell. "

I added that "In 2019, the fact that a young Spanish driver -Pepe López- was in the fight for the victory from the beginning or the premiere of the Abarth Rally Cup influenced. In general we are very satisfied with the increase in the audience of the championship. Growing 52.7 million compared to 2018 speaks wonders of the strength and popularity of the ERC in its role as a talent factory. "

Germán Morales, president of the Organizing Committee, has also valued these record results. "Honestly, we are impressed by the figures in the annual report. Not in our best dreams would we have imagined bringing the name of Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands to almost 37 million people around the world. This only confirms the promotional power that this car test has, something we have achieved among all, "he said.


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