September 28, 2020

The Canary Islands Rally is postponed until December – La Provincia

Issue number 44 of the Canary Islands Rally it cannot be held, as scheduled on May 7, 8 and 9. The coronavirus epidemic that is spreading throughout Europe and that in the last few weeks is affecting Spain in a special way has forced national and community authorities to take extreme measures that will last over time. In full countdown for its celebration, the organizing committee had no other option than to request a change of date due to the possibility that the test could not be carried out.

Eurosport Events, promoter of the European Championship (ERC), and the International Federation of Motorsports (FIA), in tune with the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation (RFEDA) have wanted the international test to take place on December 3, 4 and 5.

With that, The Canary Islands Rally will decide the ERC both in its absolute classification as well as in its two junior categories. Also, as the venue for the last test, Gran Canaria will host the final awards ceremony. The test organized by the Club Deportivo Todosport maintains its scoring for the Spanish Asphalt Rally Championship (CERA) and the Spanish Rallies Super Championship (S-CER).

“Needless to say, this situation was not in our plans, but at all times we have had the full support and understanding of Eurosport Events, the FIA ​​and RFEDA. Keeping the date would have led us, quite possibly, to a hasty cancellation and uncertain consequences.This new location on the calendar allows us to work with all the enthusiasm and with the extra honor of being the rally that puts the finishing touch to the ERC, also hosting the final awards ceremony. December will allow us to boast more if possible of our Archipelago, our landscapes and our climate, “said Germán Morales, head of the organization.

Jean-Baptiste Ley, coordinator of the ERC, has valued this change in date: “Postponing and rescheduling tests brings setbacks and is not a one-time job. By continuously monitoring the situation with the organization of the Canary Islands Rally we have been able to ensure an alternative date and maintain the schedule of eight events. We thank everyone involved for helping us to achieve this, including promoters of other ERC rallies affected by the change of dates. “

ANDThe Club Deportivo Todosport will not alter the route already established and which will include the sections of ‘Valsequillo’ (11.91 km), ‘San Mateo-DISA’ (12.01 km), ‘Artenara’ (12.21 km) and ‘Tejeda’ (12.95 km) and the urban super special of ‘Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’ (1.53 km) in the first stage and, during the second, those of ‘Valleseco-DISA’ (14.17 km), ‘Gáldar’ (12.4 km), ‘Moya’ (12.7 km) and ‘Arucas’ (11.85 km).


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