The Canary Islands prefer masks despite the flexibility outdoors

Many neuralgic points of the capital of Gran Canaria that register a greater influx of people on weekends, such as the Main Street of Triana wave Las Canteras Avenue, hosted this day a mosaic of citizens where people with a mask and others without it converged, but with a majority attached to the first group for safety, responsibility and caution.

In this regard, it should be remembered that this measure only contemplates the possibility of not using the mask in the open air when there is, at least, one and a half meters of interpersonal distance or in the case of cohabiting people, as contemplated in the Royal Decree approved last Thursday in the Council of Ministers. On the other hand, indoors, the protection of the mask is still mandatory and permanent, except during the time of consumption. Regarding the concessions, only the users of the residences of the elderly whose vaccination has exceeded 80% or professionals of essential jobs who are on duty at their job may take off their indoor masks, and provided that 80% of the template has been inoculated.

One of the areas where protection has been dispensed with the most has been the beaches


"I have gotten used to wearing the mask, although it is always somewhat uncomfortable, especially in the summer, but I prefer to wear it a little longer than for us to be confident and go back," said Jesús, a passer-by in the Calle Mayor de Triana, who took advantage of his first day off of the week for "errands." "I take it as a last effort," he added with a smile in his eyes. And this was the general trend of this opening day that involves another step towards normality, where the extension of this protection by the majority was due to a free and conscious decision, not to a lack of knowledge about the flexibility of this rule.

In the historic center of Vegueta, a group of young people rested on a bench in the Plaza de Santa Ana with their masks clinging to their elbows. "The square is almost empty and we take the opportunity to see each other's faces and get some air, because now we can," said Carlos, a student. "But when we go to the bus stop, we know that we will meet people and we will wear them," he added. And indeed, those who point to the detachment of the mask outdoors must carry it, as a rule, in an easily accessible place to be able to resort to it in case of crossing with someone in the street or entering any interior space, as also established in the Council of Ministers.

The law obliges to carry the mask at hand always in case it might be needed


On the other hand, one of the spaces where the crowd has removed their masks almost en masse in the city has been, of course, the beach, on a special day marked by the heat and the welcome of summer.


All in all, the whole of the Spanish territory has launched this liberating measure today after more than a year of compulsory nature in most of the communities. According to the latest survey by the Sociological Research Center (CIS), 99.4% of Spaniards got used to the regular use of masks during the last year of the pandemic.

However, this scenario of improvement is reversible, since those responsible for Health, with Carolina Darias at the helm, have stipulated that, if the rate of infections registered a new increase in the future, the central government could retreat and reestablish for Decree law the use of masks outdoors, regardless of the interpersonal safety distance.


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