The Canary Islands notify a second positive for monkeypox and raise the number of suspected cases to seven

A magnified image under a microscope of a skin sample from a monkey infected with the monkeypox virus. / EFE

In the islands, the infection follows the same pattern, affecting young men. Spain exceeds fifty infections and analyzes another 31 samples

The Ministry of Health confirmed yesterday a positive for monkeypox in the Canary Islands.
This is the young man from Tenerife who was reported last week and suffered the first symptoms while he was spending a few days in Gran Canaria. Both he and
the first positive, notified this past Mondayare in their homes although monitored in the first case by the La Candelaria health team and in the second by the Negrín staff.

Health raised yesterday to seven the probable cases or that are suspected of suffering from the infection.
Four of them, all young men from Gran Canaria, meet both the clinical criteria for infection, that is, headache, fever, muscle aches and swollen glands, presenting or not, depending on the course of the disease, the typical smallpox welts. And they also meet the epidemiological criteria, that is, they recognize having had risky practices.

The other three cases, classified as suspected cases, meet the clinical criteria but not the epidemiological criteria.. In this group there are three young men, two of them from Gran Canaria and a third of British origin who is in Fuerteventura.

The Ministry of Health has asked the communities to send samples of both probable and suspected cases to the National Center for Microbiology, which is in charge of analyzing the biological samples of those possibly affected. An analysis that is laborious because it requires amplifying the samples with a PCR and then sequencing the virus.

All confirmed, probable or suspected cases, warns Health, evolve favorably and except for one, due to a pathology other than monkeypox, he has required hospital admission.

One of the confirmed cases, that of Gran Canaria, and the four probable ones are related to Maspalomas Pride, not the confirmed case of Tenerife or the suspects. This massive event was also attended by one of the first positive cases in Italy, a young man.
Yesterday Slovenia and Denmark also confirmed two cases and both affected men had traveled to the Canary Islands.

On Monday, the director of Public Health, José Juan Alemán, warned that it is not about the places or events, but about risk practices, for which he called not to demonize or spaces -Madrid closed a men's sauna because it detected a focus there for the reported outbreak in the community - no events.
«Any massive event facilitates any contagious infectious disease» and abounded: "There are scenarios that facilitate more than others to occur, but the determining factor is behavior."

51 positive cases and 31 possible

As for the rest of Spain, the Carlos III Health Institute reported yesterday that there are 51 positive cases of orthopoxvirus. After sequencing the samples, they confirmed 20 of the positives as monkeypox on Tuesday afternoon., pending the results of the other 31 possible infected. So far they have analyzed 88 samples, of which 35 cases have tested negative "for smallpox and other orthopoxviruses, therefore they are discarded and two must be repeated," says the Ministry of Health in a statement. In Extremadura yesterday a possible case was ruled out, that of a patient who met the clinical criteria but not the epidemiological ones.

Minister Carolina Darias interprets these data as a trend towards the disappearance of the monkeypox outbreak.
“We are seeing that more and more negative cases are beginning to surface and we hope that this will be the trend”he said yesterday in the Senate, informed Domenico Chiappe.

Globally, the WHO confirmed 131 cases of monkeypox, with 106 suspects, since the first was reported on May 7 outside of African countries.

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