The Canary Islands is the fifth region with the most sales of electric or hybrid cars so far this year

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Sustainable Mobility Barometer

Until June, 2,097 units were registered in the archipelago, almost 10% of the total market. The trend is up. Traveling 100 kilometers costs 13 euros in gasoline and 1.95 in an electric car

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In the first six months of 2022, a total of
2,097 electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles in the Canary Islands. The number makes the archipelago the fifth autonomous community with the most vehicles of this type registered.

It is an upward trend in the region: in the second quarter of the year, 1,397 electric or plug-in cars were registered, which meant almost doubling the sales figure for the first quarter, when there were 700. If we take into account the total number of passenger cars and SUVs who enrolled in the first semester of the year,
electric and hybrids represent almost 10%.

All regions except Murcia grow

emovili, the leading Spanish company in electric mobility and photovoltaic solar energy, has carried out a regional study to detect the communities in which more and fewer electric cars have been registered, through data from AEDIVE.

In the first six months of the year,
Madrid is the Autonomous Community in which more vehicles of this type has registered a total of 17,613 vehicles (46%), followed by Catalonia with 5,613 (15%) and Valencia (8%), with 2,940. In fourth place was Andalusia, with 2,572, followed by the Canary Islands, with the 2,097 mentioned above.

In all the autonomous communities —with the exception of Murcia—, the number of registered electric vehicles has grown compared to the first quarter of the year.

Mercedes is the brand that leads registrations

Also, the study analyzes
the brands that have registered the most and shows that the preferred by the Spanish are: Mercedes with 4,100 registrations, followed by Peugeot with 3,377 registrations and by KIA, in third place, with 3,061 registered vehicles.

traveling 100 kilometers with a gasoline car costs about 13 euros, while with an electric car only 1.95 euros. This saving is probably one of the fundamental axes that lead the population to opt for the purchase of this type of vehicle.

According to Francisco Casas, CEO of emovili: «The results of this second Barometer are encouraging, as they allow us to see how more and more people are opting for electric vehicles, a change that will not only generate an impact on the pockets of Spaniards but also on the planet in general. At emovili, our priority is to promote and facilitate more sustainable means of transport so that they are the preferred option for users.”

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