The Canary Islands have a care protocol for sexual assaults under chemical submission

The Canary Islands Health Service has an action plan in which homogeneous guidelines are established in the care of women victims of sexual assault, with a specific section for cases of chemical submission

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The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands has a
protocol multidisciplinary action against sexual assault that establishes homogeneous guidelines in the attention to women victims of sexual assault and that includes a specific section for those cases in which it is suspected that the assault has been carried out under chemical submission.

The Plan establishes the lines of action based on criteria of quality and equity before any
suspicion of sexual assault, seeks to offer homogeneous, coordinated and quality assistance to women victims of sexual assault and includes specific actions in the event that it is suspected that the victim has been subjected to some type of sexual assault.
annulment of his will.

chemical submission It has the particularity that the substance used to diminish or annul the victim's will disappears from the body within a few hours. Hence the importance of caring for the victim and taking adequate samples as soon as possible to avoid the loss of this evidence.

The health actions before this
type of crimes they have a series of peculiarities that justifies their being addressed in an independent protocol, since specific and urgent action is required in
coordination with the judicial sector -the institutes of legal medicine and forensic sciences-, the emergency systems and the State Security Forces and Bodies, in addition to knowing the
means specialized in caring for women victims of gender-based violence in the region that can provide psychological, legal, labor care, etc. after women.

In the event that someone suspects having been a victim of chemical submission, either
by injection or orally, you should immediately call 1-1-2 and report your case to the authorities and go to an Emergency Department where, after the initial survey and in the event of any suspicion of sexual assault, the protocol is activated.

Comprehensive care protocol

The protocol reflects the functions of each intervening: SUC-1 1 2, State Security Forces and Bodies, Legal and Forensic Medicine and the
healthcare from the moment a woman victim of sexual assault arrives at the hospital emergency services or is alerted to her situation.

From the reception, in an environment of privacy, confidentiality, respect and security. The initial assessments, ruling out urgent pathology, the specific ones carried out by the
Gynecology and Forensic Medicine who has attended the hospital service, and which will consist of a detailed amannesis and a gynecological examination together with the taking of samples.

The registration in the
Electronic Medical Recordthe issuance of the specific injury report for sexual assaults according to Instruction 4/19 of the Director of the SCS, are other aspects considered in the protocol.

Also covered in this document is the network of
existing resources in the Canary Islands to deal with this type of violence, the important role of the
Attention to Women Victims of Violence which is located in the 1-1-2 operating rooms 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and which activates, when the woman needs it, the Emergency Device for Assaulted Women (DEMA) that operates on all the islands and they lend a
Specialized service support and advice.

Protocol for care for women victims of sexual assault

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