September 21, 2020

The Canary Islands Government and the unions approach positions for the OPE of Health – La Provincia

The Minister of Health of the regional Executive, Teresa Cruz, and the majority unions within this area – CC.OO, UGT and Cemsatse – have approached positions with the purpose of unblocking the negotiations for the selective processes, which are framed within the Public Employment Offer (OPE). Following this line, of the five points that had created conflict in the meetings of the Sectorial Table, agreements have been reached in four, the only object of discrepancy being the request for a decentralized call for the area specialist physicians.

Interest division

The truth is that the union representatives defend a decentralized call to guarantee the stability of health care in the Minor Islands. However, the other side of the coin is put by the public administration when considering that "legal security" must go through a centralized process. For this reason, the unions are now investigating the search for a third way that satisfies both parties – a challenge that must be achieved before December 12 – and which will then be put on the table at the next meeting, the date of which is still pending. of concrete

On the contrary, the aspects in which consensus has been reached focus on the regulation of employment lists – an additional provision will be included in the 2020 budget law with the wording proposed by the union majority; the dates of examinations of the oppositions – priority will be given to those that coincide with other communities to avoid the so-called called effect; the extraordinary framing process for temporary and permanent staff – workers of the Canary Health Service (SCS), both fixed and temporary, that will be located in the degree that really corresponds to them in 2021, as the deadline ?; and personnel transfers – which will be made at the end of the current transfer contest of this category and will include all the places that have been generated during this time, adding all the interinities offered in the current OPE.

"It is not that we are satisfied with the steps that have been taken, but with those that we have managed to take," said José Alonso Rodríguez, general secretary of the area at CC.OO. Then remember that "all this has been possible thanks to the good will shown last Saturday by the president of the Canary Government".

For his part, the secretary general of the Nursing Union Satse Canarias, Leopoldo Cejas, celebrated the "hopeful progress" experienced by the OPE, and made reference to the point that is still pending correction. "On December 12 the deadlines for the call made in 2016 end, so we must find a formula that allows us to approach positions and thus make the call for doctors. For that, both parties must yield in certain aspects," he said.

Regarding the date of celebration of the next exams, Eyebrows indicated that everything will depend on the categories that are convened. "One of the aspects in which we have advanced focuses on exploring those autonomous communities that have open processes, in order to coincide with them," said Cejas.

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