Thu. Jul 18th, 2019

The Canary Islands Government and the COE promote sports as a social value - The Province

The Canary Islands Government and the COE promote sports as a social value - The Province

The Government of the Canary Islands and the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) will work together to encourage sport as a social value. The President of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, and the maximum responsible for the COE, Alejandro Blanco, agreed on Tuesday to promote an agreement for start up of various strategies focused on the promotion of Olympic values, the Equality between men and women, the inclusion and the eradication of violence in sports practice.

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Fernando Clavijo stressed that this future agreement with the COE "is framed in the philosophy of the Law of Physical Activity and Sports of the Canary Islands, approved unanimously in the Autonomous Parliament last January, which defines the sport as a practice of general interest that meetssocial, cultural, educational, economic and health unions"

A regulation that "promotes the essential values ​​transmitted by sport: effort, improvement, equality, respect, solidarity and, ultimately, the personal and collective success of the whole society, an ambitious task that we will now reinforce thanks to the close collaboration with the Spanish Olympic Committee", Clavijo assured.

For his part, the president of the COE, Alejandro Blanco, coincided in highlighting the collaboration between the Committee and the Government of the Canary Islands in different areas, including in the field of eSports and also in matters of dissemination of values ​​in the sports field. In this context, he said "the collaboration agreement that we will implement shortly" consolidates the work carried out by the Canary Government and the Olympic Committee.

The signed agreement between the Canary Islands Government and the EOC includes programs that will increase the visibility of women's sport and will encourage equality of opportunities for boys and girls, and of women and men in any sports field, as well as awareness and awareness face to eliminate sexist behavior. In addition, it is intended prevent, detect and act against situations of harassment or gender violence.

The Inclusive and inclusive look will also be present in these strategic actions, which will lend special attention to adapted sport and will facilitate the approach of people with disabilities to various sports practices.

Likewise, fpromote values ​​of coexistence and respect In the sporting field it will be another of the aims that will be pursued by both the Canary Islands Government and the COE, with the aim of involve all the protagonists: not only the young players of any discipline, but also to the fathers and mothers, the trainers, the clubs and the referees, with the purpose of eradicate in origin any kind of violent manifestation.

These actions are added to the programs already carried out by the Government of the Canary Islands, through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports, which in its first year of execution received an investment of 610,000 euros: it's about the initiatives 'athletes', 'Win Project', 'Sports training', 'Adapted sport' and 'Native and traditional games and sports', to which in 2019 two other programs will be added, 'Sport and health' Y 'Sport and family', to those who will be allocated 186,000 euros.


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