The Canary Islands extend the modulation of alert level 4 measures

The Ministry of Health reports that the Official Gazette of the Canary Islands publishes the extension of the Order of January 7, which modulates certain measures applicable to level 4 of the health alert for COVID-19, which will be applicable until February 24. The extension of the Order affects the capacity in certain activities or establishments and the advancement to 00:00 hours of the closing time in those establishments and activities that, prior to the pandemic, did not have a set closing time, or had a higher one.

After agreeing on this extension, the Order will be in force until midnight on February 24, 2022, without prejudice to the possibility of extension depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation or other circumstances that justify it.

The measures that are modulated in this rule are fundamentally related to the capacity of certain establishments or activities, either to distinguish between open and closed spaces due to the different level of risk they entail, or because they are establishments or activities in which it has been put There is a lower risk of transmission due to their intrinsic characteristics or due to the people who frequent them, or because they correspond to establishments or activities in which the so-called COVID certificate is currently required for access to them.

The advancement of the closing time of certain establishments and activities by one hour is determined by the unstoppable upward evolution of the infection, in the face of which the recommendation of scientists is unanimous that the most effective measures to prevent the transmission of the virus are, along with vaccination, maintaining social distance, wearing masks, observing hygiene standards, using ventilated and safe spaces, and avoiding massive population displacement.

Modulation of capacity in certain activities

The rule modifies the maximum capacity established in subsections a), b), c), d), e), f) and h) of section 1 of article 28 of Decree Law 11/2021, of September 2, by which The legal health alert regime and the measures for the control and management of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Canary Islands are established. These capacities are established as follows:

Hotel and restaurant activities, both those carried out in specific establishments for said purpose and in any establishment or activity that offers the service of food or drinks complementary to the main activity carried out, except for the exceptions expressly indicated and related to the services of health centers, work and of tourist accommodation: 75% in open-air spaces and 33% in interior spaces.

cultural activity that are not considered mass events, both those that take place in closed cultural and artistic venues and establishments such as theaters, cinemas, music auditoriums, cultural centers, libraries, concert halls, exhibition halls, museums, exhibition halls or conferences or other facilities of a similar nature whose ordinary activity is cultural, such as that which takes place in open-air public spaces, such as squares, parks or sports facilities: the maximum capacity allowed will be 75% in open-air spaces and 55% in interior spaces.

Tasting of food products: 75% in outdoor spaces and 33% in indoor spaces.

Tourist accommodation establishments, in common areas: 50% in outdoor spaces and 33% in indoor spaces.

Establishments and commercial premises and professional service activities, open to the public, common areas of shopping centers and parks: 50% in outdoor spaces and 33% in indoor spaces.

Places of religious worship, wakes and burials: 50% in outdoor spaces and 33% in indoor spaces.

Academies, driving schools, non-regulated education centers and training centers: 50% in outdoor spaces and 33% in indoor spaces.

The capacities established in the remaining subsections of section 1 of the aforementioned article 28 remain in the same terms established in Decree Law 11/2021.

Public transport capacity

For regular public urban and metropolitan land passenger transport, the agreement establishes a capacity of 75% and the busiest lines will be reinforced.

Likewise, with regard to the discretionary public transport of passengers in passenger cars and rental vehicles with a driver, with up to nine seats including the driver, the maximum capacity will be 75%, unless they are people from the same group of stable coexistence, the The driver's row of seats may not be occupied by any other user. All occupants must wear a mask and adequate air renewal will be guaranteed by opening windows and the outside air intake system. The vehicle's interior air recirculation function must not be used.

Capacity for federated, regional or island sports practice

The norm also modulates the section of capacity and number of participants for federated sports practice, regional or island, outdoors or closed spaces and non-federated sports practice outdoors, which is allowed while ensuring the maintenance of interpersonal distance. of 2 meters whenever possible, with mandatory use of the mask. It is established that the number of participants in the competition will be determined in the specific sports regulations. In training, the sports capacity will be limited to 33%. Public capacity will be 50% in open spaces and 33% in closed spaces.

Commercial retail establishments of food and basic necessities

The maximum capacity is set at 75% in closed spaces in commercial retail establishments of food, beverages, products and essential goods that are not considered large commercial establishments in the terms provided in article 41.1 of Legislative Decree 1/ 2012, of April 21, which approves the consolidated text of the Laws of Organization of the Commercial Activity of the Canary Islands and regulator of the commercial license, as well as in pharmaceutical establishments.

Adequate ventilation and/or air renewal must be guaranteed, the measures on the use of masks, maintenance of social distance and general hygiene measures and for the prevention and control of SARS-CoV-2 will be scrupulously observed, as well as the specific ones established for commercial establishments and premises and professional service activities open to the public in section 6 of Annex III of Decree Law 11/2021, of September 2, which establishes the legal health alert regime and the measures for the control and management of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Canary Islands.

Inter-island displacements

In addition, the application of the section that establishes that travelers aged 12 or over from islands that are at alert level 4 who travel to other islands must prove the completion, within a maximum period of 48 hours, remains suspended. Prior to arrival, a diagnostic test for active infection for SARS-CoV-2 with a negative result, except for the assumptions and exceptions contemplated in the regulation.

Capacity and access through COVID certificate that remain unchanged

It is maintained that at level 4 of health alert, groups of people in spaces for public and private use, closed or outdoors, cannot exceed 6 people, except cohabitants.

Access by users over 12 years and 3 months to certain establishments, facilities or activities will require proof of absence of active COVID-19 infection, by presenting a negative result of a PDIA (diagnostic test for active COVID-19 infection). -19) carried out in a legally authorized laboratory with a maximum of 48 hours in advance, self-diagnosis tests not being admissible.

This accreditation may be replaced at the option of the interested party, by the accreditation of vaccination against COVID-19 officially certified the complete schedule of the same, from 14 days after the administration of the last dose of the complete schedule, or by the accreditation of having passed the disease between the previous 11 and 180, through official certification. The presentation in digital or paper format will be made to the people designated for access control by the owner or person in charge of the establishment or activity.

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