The Canary Islands enter the seventh wave with infections on the rise and another eight deaths

The Canary Islands enter the seventh wave with infections on the rise and another eight deaths

The archipelago adds 2,493 positives in three days among those over 60 years of age and ranks as the third community with the most new positives

Carmen Delia Aranda

The high incidence of coronavirus in the Canary Islands continues to grow and, predictably, it will continue to do so fueled by the meetings typical of the summer season and the intense festive calendar that is coming up.

The infection rate again exceeded this Friday the maximum level reached since the flu phase of the virus began. So with others
2,943 positives detected in those over 60 years of age in the last three days, the
cumulative incidence in this age range -the only sector of the population subject to epidemiological surveillance- it rose in the Canary Islands to 548 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at seven days and 1,067 cases at fourteen days.

This places the Canary Islands as
the third community with the highest fourteen-day cumulative infection ratebehind Madrid (1,313.6 points) and La Rioja (1,087).

In addition, the islands are the third community that
more confirmed positives In the last three days, it has recorded a total of 7,915 diagnoses in people over 60 years of age and in people for whom doctors have prescribed the active infection test for being patients at risk or for having people vulnerable to the virus in their environment. Only Madrid and Catalonia -with 17,313 and 13,511 positives respectively since Tuesday- exceed the islands in number of diagnoses.

On the other hand, the
trickle of deaths continues and this Friday Health notified the death of eight infected people in the archipelago in the last three days. Six people died in Tenerife and another two in Gran Canaria. All suffered from previous pathologies and were between 83 and 91 years old, except for a 59-year-old, according to sources from the Ministry of Health.

With these new victims
there are already 1,817 peoplewho have died with coronavirus in the archipelago since the beginning of the health crisis, of which 184 have died during the flu phase of the pandemic.

hospital pressure

Hospital pressure, after last Tuesday's increase, seems to have stabilized. Until yesterday, Canarian hospitals treated
276 covid patients in the planteleven less than Tuesday, and other
20 people infected in intensive care unitsthe same figure as three days ago.

Of the 296 people admitted with coronavirus in public and private health centers in the Canary Islands, 57% are in hospitals in the Canary Islands.
Gran Canaria.

Specifically, the
Insular Maternal and Child Hospital cares for 89 people with the virus on the ward and another six in intensive care, while the hospital
Doctor Negrin assists 57 positives on the ward and four in the ICU. In several private health centers in Gran Canaria there are fourteen other people with coronavirus.

Tenerife, there are 111 people with the virus admitted to public and private centers. At the Hospital Universitario de Canarias there are 42 on the ward and three in the ICU, while La Candelaria cares for 40 patients in conventional beds and two in critical beds.

The rest of the hospitalized covid patients are in
Fuerteventura, where there are eight admitted to the ward in the general hospital and another in the ICU; in
The Palmwith five infected people in the plant and, finally, one person in
The iron.

At the moment, despite the high incidence of the virus, hospital pressure remains at low risk or controlled circulation on all the islands except Gran Canaria, where until last Tuesday 7% of its hospital beds were dedicated to covid patients, which places the island at medium risk.

In the last week,
the average number of conventional beds occupied by covid patients grew by 14% in the archipelagoaccording to the Public Health report.

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