The Canary Islands ends the week below 300 daily cases of covid

Thus, of the total accumulated cases in the islands, 4,098 are active (+185), of which 30 are admitted to the ICU (+2), 204 remain hospitalized (+12) and 3,864 are at home (+171) . In addition, so far 57,386 people have overcome the disease in the archipelago after 98 canaries were discharged.

Refering to Accumulated Incidence (AI) at 7 days in the Canary Islands it continues to rise, in this case to 88.7 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and the 14-day AI is at 147.52 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. So far, 1,224,563 PCR tests have been carried out on the islands – 2,963 in the last day -, of which 63,909 were positive, representing 5.22 percent.

By islands, Tenerife adds 223 new infections and accumulates 28,896 accumulated cases, of which 3,138 are epidemiologically active, 439 died and 25,319 were discharged; while Gran canaria It has 23,696 accumulated cases (+48), of which 670 are active, 276 died and 22,750 overcame the disease.

LanzaroteFor its part, it accumulates 5,775 cases (+4), of which 72 are epidemiologically active, 49 died and 5,654 received medical discharge; Y Fuerteventura adds 8 infections and accumulates 2,690 cases, of which 196 are active, 13 died and 2,481 overcame the disease.

La Palma it places its accumulated in 580 cases (without variation), with seven active, seven deceased and 566 people who have recovered from the virus; El Hierro accumulates 384 (without variation), having 12 active cases, four deaths and 368 people were discharged.

By last, La Gomera it remains unchanged in the last day with 251 accumulated infections, of which three cases are active, while in its balance it registers one death and 247 people who have overcome the disease.

The Canary Islands ends the week below 300 daily cases of covid. Read more

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