The Canary Islands do not plan to change the level to the islands

The President of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres, believes that the data seem to indicate that the curve of coronavirus infections in the islands is beginning to bend, although it is necessary to wait for its confirmation to the evolution of the next days.

“It seems that we are in a situation of possibly bending the curve”, has stated the Canarian president, who considers that it is necessary to be prudent both in the analysis of the data and in the behavior of the population.

The government council This Thursday will analyze the epidemiological situation and “in principle no change in levels is expected, because there is no increase” in infections, but neither will the traffic lights on each island be reduced, said the Canarian president after the inauguration of the IV phase of the bypass to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The pressure continues to be high in healthcare centers, since the reduction in the number of infections takes time to reach them, he pointed out.

Likewise, Torres has insisted on the need to maintain economic activity while fighting the pandemic, and has highlighted the good employment data in the Canary Islands released this Tuesday, to which is added the reactivation in the arrival of tourists.

04 08 2021 20:49

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03 08 2021 15:58

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03 08 2021 15:57

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