March 8, 2021

The Canary Islands declare between 5,643 and 8,808 euros less than pensioners and employees, according to Gestha – La Provincia

The autonomous canaries declare to the Treasury income between 5,643 and 8,808 euros lower than those of employees and pensioners, according to the calculations of the Technicians of the Ministry of Finance (GESTHA), which show clear differences depending on the autonomous community of residence.

In a statement, technicians suspect that there may be "hidden reasons" for which more than 55,700 freelancers in the Canary Islands, almost half of the total registered freelancers (47.5%), declare to earn less than 12,000 euros a year, that is, that would be found in the collective of so-called 'mileurists'.

Nationally, the self-employed declare income between 8,000 and 12,000 euros less than wage earners and pensioners, and more than 1.5 million declare to earn less than 12,000 euros annually. Discounting the 543,255 self-employed people who declare losses, just over a million entrepreneurs would not pay taxes in our country with this low level of income, given that the tax on personal income tax below 12,000 euros is zero.

According to Gestha, these data are "striking" and "alarms" make the fact that almost one in five freelancers with dependent workers declare on average less profits than those paid by their own employees. Specifically, it follows from the statistics that 3 million employees would charge more than their own bosses, including architects, notaries, lawyers or doctors in private consultations, among other professions for their own account and of high qualification.

"The inconsistency between the profitability declared by the business and the hiring of staff is appreciated when comparing the almost 150,000 freelancers with benefits of almost 22,000 euros and between 3 and 5 employees, compared to more than 13,000 entrepreneurs with benefits of almost 46,000 euros and more than 20 employees, "says Gestha.

In addition, it highlights that when comparing the IRPF statistics corresponding to the historical series, it is observed that the differential between the income declared by one and the other has been widening continuously and quite significantly since 1993, increasing the gap in the last decade since 2008 to 2017 at 1,343 euros with respect to what the professional and entrepreneur declares in direct estimation and 3,979 euros with respect to the entrepreneur in objective non-agricultural estimation, with a maximum increase in the gap in the Community of Madrid of 5,328 euros in this decade.


For all this, Gestha claims to the Tax Agency that, as in the case of companies, generalize the sending of informative letters to the self-employed who are below the average ratios of their economic sector in the territory and, then, initiate the pertinent investigations to those that show greater signs of fraud and have not submitted complementary declarations.

The technicians emphasize that, in general, the gap is almost 3,000 euros higher in the regime of modules (objective estimate), in which today less than 1.3 million freelancers. The rest, which accounts for more than 60%, already do so in the direct estimation regime, so Gestha will go to the future finance minister to gradually repeal the module regime during the next term.

In this regard, it will propose to the Ministry of Finance a gradual transition in four phases. In the first one, which would begin in 2020, they propose that the exclusive limits prior to the 2014 tax reform should not be extended, so that they would remain half of those in force; in the second (in 2021), it is requested that those who issue invoices to other businessmen or professionals for more than 25% of their income (currently 50%) be excluded from this scheme; from 2022, non-agricultural microentrepreneurs are excluded; and that, finally, in 2023 the regime of the objective estimation by signs, indices and modules will be repealed definitively.

By Autonomous Communities, Gestha data shows that the greatest differences between the incomes declared in the system of modules by employees / pensioners and freelancers are located in the Community of Madrid (19,456 euros), Catalonia (14,514 euros) and Asturias (12,496 euros ). On the contrary, the regions where this gap is less pronounced are Extremadura (6,045 euros), Murcia (7,662 euros) and Andalusia (8,163 euros).

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