The Canary Islands close to 5,000 new cases in a day with seven deaths

The Canary Islands added 4,914 coronavirus infections to its general registry yesterday, which translates into a new daily record for the autonomous community. Also, on the last day, the Archipelago confirmed seven new deaths linked to the pathogen: four in Tenerife, two in Gran Canaria and one in Lanzarote -The latter will go up to the official statistics today. The deceased were between 51 and 91 years old and five of them had previous pathologies.

Taking into account the data disaggregated by islands, Tenerife added 2,724 clinical pictures this Wednesday –410 more than in the previous balance–; Gran Canaria 1,507 –314 more–; Lanzarote 352 –220 more–; Fuerteventura 135 –69 less–; La Palma 148 –106 more–; La Gomera 32 -Ten less-; and El Hierro 15 -one more-.

With regard to active cases, it must be said that There are already 36,965 patients in the region suffering from SARS-CoV-2 infection –4,118 more than the previous day and 17,909 more than last Wednesday, December 22–. Most are in Tenerife, where 21,549 people suffer from the disease. It is followed by Gran Canaria, with 10,980 affected–; Fuerteventura, with 1,994; Lanzarote, with 1,511; La Palma, with 539; La Gomera, with 281; and El Hierro, with 107.


Cases at the Adeje location

  • The outbreak registered in the Adeje nightclub, in Tenerife, already has 336 infections. As reported yesterday by the Ministry of Health, the focus continues to be monitored.

As reported yesterday by the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, the Archipelago has added 120 outbreaks in the last week, of which 66 have been notified in Gran Canaria; 39 in Tenerife; seven in Fuerteventura; three in La Gomera; three in El Hierro; and two in Lanzarote. In total, the new outbreaks gather 541 associated cases.

Considering the environment in which they have occurred, 42 have taken place in the social environment; 36 in the family; 18 at work; 13 in education; five in the sports car; four in the toilet; one in a socially vulnerable group; and another in a student residence in Gran Canaria.

Most of the outbreaks combine between three and seven affected, although four reach or exceed ten. Among these, the event in a vulnerable group in Tenerife stands out, with 19 positives; one registered in a restaurant in Fuerteventura, with 14 infected; one notified at the Hospital Universitario de Canarias –in Tenerife–, with 12 affected patients and workers; and one of family origin in Gran Canaria, with 10 afflicted.

Covid alert semaphore by islands on December 29, 2021

Among the most numerous social focuses are two produced in Gran Canaria. One of them has taken place in the nightlife sector and has eight positives, while another has originated from a cruise ship, where two passengers and four crew members have scored a positive diagnosis in the condition.

Regarding education, Health reported that five have occurred in Gran Canaria; another five in Tenerife; and one in La Gomera. On the other hand, among the sports outbreaks, one stands out with a reported labor ramification in Tenerife, with three cases; another linked to water polo, with six people affected in Gran Canaria; one produced in a volleyball team in Tenerife, with another six positives; one registered in a soccer team in Gran Canaria, with six infected; and another related to the same sports field in Tenerife, which concentrates three clinical pictures.

The health outbreaks, in addition to the University Hospital of the Canary Islands, have occurred in the Quirónsalud center in Costa Adeje, with six employees affected; in the Maternal-Infant Insular University Hospital Complex, with three cases; and in Hospiten Sur, in Tenerife, with three infected employees.


Covid patients in plant

  • In the Covid plants of the hospitals of the autonomous community there are already 355 admitted patients, which is 28 more than those notified the previous day.

In The Canary Islands continue to monitor another 12 old outbreaks, eAmong which is the one produced a nightlife venue in Adeje –Tenerife–, which already adds 336 infections and it has ramifications on other islands. However, it is not the only one that has increased the number of associated cases. In fact, two that occurred in the same environment, one in Tenerife and the other in El Hierro, already have 89 and 21 cases, respectively. In addition, in Gran Canaria, the social health focus of the San José de Las Longueras center already reaches 30 affected.

Based on the figures that the Ministry manages, the hospital situation in the Covid plants underwent significant changes in the course of a day. And it is that until last Wednesday There were 327 patients that appeared in the registry of the health administration, while yesterday the data amounted to 355. In the critical areas, on the other hand, the number remained unchanged and continued at 67.


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