The Canary Islands begin this Thursday the vaccination of children under 40 years of age in El Hierro

This has been announced by the Minister of Health, Blas Trujillo, which presented this Tuesday the new fleet of ambulances of the Canary Islands Emergency Service (SUC) and Non-Urgent Health Transport (TSNU) that will provide service in El Hierro.

The counselor has been accompanied by the president of the Cabildo, Alpidio Arms; the director of the Health Area, Thomas Morales, and the manager of the public company GestiĆ³n de Servicios para la Salud y Seguridad en Canarias, Elijah Castro, among other authorities.

Blas Trujillo stressed that the equipment of the new services "is of the first order, which will allow an adequate service to be provided to the population." These new resources will begin to operate as of next Sunday after the service was awarded in the last tender to the borrowing company for 10.3 million euros -including the La Gomera fleet-, with a validity period until 31 December. December 2023 and possibility of extension.

The counselor also visited the island's health facilities, starting with the Hospital Nuestra SeƱora de Los Reyes, where he was able to verify in situ the work of the tracking and vaccination team, highlighting the achievements of both services.

Blas Trujillo congratulated the island's health workers for the work they are doing both in healthcare and in control and tracking of COVID-19. At present, la Accumulated incidence at 7 days on the island of El Hierro is 0 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

With regard to vaccination, he highlighted that more than 53 percent of the island's resident population has received a dose of one of the authorized COVID vaccines and one in three people from El Salvador already has the complete immunization schedule.

He also added that the island "today no longer has active cases, which means that El Hierro is free of COVID-19, although he warned that it is important not to lower our guard and continue to maintain security measures."

The president of the Cabildo, Alpidio Armas, highlighted the improvements that are taking place in the health field, "this means that we are improving health care and the quality of care that is provided to the people of El Hierro, which is doubly gratifying as we also have the new resources that we are presenting today. "

New ambulances

The manager of Management of Health and Safety Services in the Canary Islands (GSC), ElĆ­as Castro, added that in El Hierro "the SUC has a total of three ambulances, of which two are basic life support resources, which operate 24 hours and are located in Frontera and El Pinar ".

In this sense, he added that the new basic life support ambulances of the SUC "include better benefits and a more complete health equipment than the current ones, equipped with a constant monitor, defibrillator and respirator, which allows incorporating a doctor and a nurse to the resource, and operate as an advanced life support unit. "

In addition, through this last contest, the medicalized ambulance that had been incorporated into the service for out-of-hospital health emergencies based in the Island hospital has been consolidated, operating every day of the year.

Last year, 1,477 interventions by the ambulances of the Canary Islands Emergency Service (SUC) were managed in El Hierro.

As for the new resources of Non-Urgent Health Transport, in which patients who for medical reasons cannot travel in an ordinary means of transport to attend an appointment or medical treatment, a new resource must be added on the island from El Hierro.

In this way, El Hierro will have four TSNU ambulances, with a professional staff that is made up of health emergency technicians and with an availability of 12 hours of daily hours.

In addition, one of these resources will be operational 24 hours a day and will be bariatric, with the necessary equipment for the transfer of patients with morbid obesity in a more efficient and also more comfortable way, not only for patients but for the professional staff that performs this service. In 2020, the TSNU in El Hierro performed 8,015 services and transferred 3,906 patients.


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