The Canary Islands ask to be exempt from the 15% to multinationals prepared by the EU

Rodríguez has also requested an exceptional treatment for the archipelago regarding the achievement of the decarbonization objective and that the citizens of La Palma be accompanied in the reconstruction of the territory.

EP Brussels

The Vice President of the Government of the Canary Islands and Minister of Finance, Budgets and European Affairs, Román Rodríguez, has asked Brussels this Tuesday that the Canarian community
is exempt from the application of the minimum tax rate of 15% for large multinationalswhich is currently in negotiations between the Ministers of Economy and Finance of the Twenty-seven.

Rodríguez has held a meeting with the Director of Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission, Marc Lemaitre, to whom he informed that the Canary Islands have a «
orn excepted tax model approved by the Commission and we believe that it is time to maintain that exception »also regarding the minimum corporate tax of 15% for large multinationals, he told the press after the meeting.

It won't be easy but we're going to fight it.", has indicated the Vice President of the Canarian Government who has recalled that the island territory constitutes an exception to the application of VAT in the European Union. “We have special taxes different from the European fiscal space”, he has indicated, which is why he has claimed differential treatment.

Rodríguez has also requested an exceptionality
treatment for the Canary Islands regarding the achievement of the decarbonisation objective set out in the Objective 55 package, considering that the territory imports all merchandise by sea and by air.

"This has an obvious cost in CO2 that local societies cannot assume alone, for now we are exempt from the cost of CO2 in air traffic and we intend to
continue this solution and look for a solution for maritime traffic", explained Rodríguez.

The Treasury Minister has met with the Director of Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission to address the renewal of the
Outermost Regions Strategy (RUP) of the European Union and the impact of the pandemic on remote and vulnerable territories.

The Vice President of the Government of the Canary Islands has analyzed in Brussels measures of interest to the Canary Islands, such as the
renewal of the Strategy for the Outermost Regions, the proposal for a Directive on fiscal harmonization or the participation of the Archipelago in European programs to be carried out on the African continent.

Román Rodríguez also met with the Permanent Representative of Spain to the EU, Marcos Alonso, with whom he reviewed the RUP strategy and its impact on regions such as the Canary Islands.

Reconstruction of La Palma

The Vice President of the Government of the Canary Islands has asked both Lemaitre and Alonso to carry out a
accompaniment of the citizens of the island de la Palma in the reconstruction of the territory. “There we demand European and Spanish participation”, he has influenced.

“We are committed to making the reconstruction sustainable and intelligent. That we take advantage of the reconstruction not only to recover what was lost but
to improve the future», Rodríguez has transferred his concerns to Lemaitre and Alonso.

In addition, the Minister of the Treasury holds meetings this Tuesday with the director of African affairs of the General Directorate of International Associations of the Commission, Sandra Kramer, to
analyze the development of the MAC program of the European Unionand with the director of Sustainable Development Policy, Félix Fernández-Shaw, to explore the role that the Canary Islands could play in the deployment of the European Global Gateway project in Africa.

Also participating in the trip to Brussels, on behalf of the Government of the Canary Islands, were the Deputy Minister of Finance, Planning and European Affairs, Fermín Delgado; the general director of European Affairs, Julián Zafra, and the general director of the Office of the Vice President, Martín Marrero.

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