The Canary Islands are advertised in Germany as a refuge to escape the gas bill

Beach day in Las Canteras. / Juan Carlos Alonso

The campaign is aimed at people over 55 years of age, who already know the islands and have financial solvency

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The Tourism Department of the Government of the Canary Islands has launched an advertising campaign in Germany that promotes the islands as
"the best shelter" to escape this winter from the cold and high energy costs that has caused the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with messages focused, in particular, on customers over 55 years of age.

As reported by the Ministry in a statement "it was born as an immediate reaction of the Canary Islands brand to the high concern shown by the
german citizenship before the
energy crisis and that also takes advantage of the implementation by the German Government of various aids to alleviate the energy shortage«.

The person in charge of the area, Yaiza Castilla, highlights that with this one-off campaign they continue "working on
attract long-term visitorsa niche of great interest for the Canary Islands as it stands out for generating a higher and better distributed tourist turnover in the destination«.

The German tourist profile targeted by this promotion is a citizen between 55 and 75 years old, who has the time and financial solvency to enjoy a long stay in the Canary Islands, a destination that they already know from previous visits.

“We are going to have an impact on people who already have a potential interest in traveling to the islands and who want to escape the cold of their country and the high cost of energy consumption that this entails, so they are open to prolonging their stay in an archipelago that offers them
sun and good weather during the winter season«, adds the counselor.

The campaign focuses on extolling the climatological qualities of the Canary Islands during the cold European winter months and "removing the psychological barriers that exist to hiring a long stay on the islands."

According to the Canarian Government, for an older German in a good economic position, traveling to the Canary Islands this winter for a few weeks has a "double benefit: both economically, since they avoid spending energy that they would have to consume in their country, and healthy, because they are visitors who are over 55 years old and who are favored by the warm and stable climate of the islands».

The Government of the Canary Islands refers to this sector of potential clients as 'silver plus' tourists, in whom it is especially interested due to their spending patterns and behavior: Europeans with this profile usually stay around 50 days on the islands (five times longer than the average),
spend almost triple (2,907 euros per person compared to 1,137) and they have varied interests that include the environment, landscapes, gastronomy and the network of trails, in addition to the commercial and cultural offer.

"80% of 'silver plus' visitors do not contract their trip through a tourist package, but mostly buy the flight directly from the airline (73%) and book their stay with the accommodation (54.1%). )”, details the Ministry.

«It is about a tourist who travels as a couple, travels to more than one island and is a great repeater of the destination; in fact, his previous visits help you to better organize his trip », he adds.

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