The Canary Islands already have 60% of the road plan works underway

File image of the works of the Arucas ring road. / JOHN CARLOS ALONSO

Of the 69 actions provided for in the agreement, actions have already begun in 42, with a committed investment of 762.6 million

B. Hernandez

B. HERNANDEZ The Gran Canarian palms

Nearing the end of the term, the
Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing already has it running
60% of the actions planned in the current
highway agreement which extends between the years 2018 and 2027.

The programing complete signed with
state behold
69construction of which have already been
started 42although in a different phase, since some are still in the process of drafting projects, while others are already being executed or tendered.

These performances have
committed investment of 762.6 million euros without IGIC, as specified by the department of the Canary Islands Government that directs
Sebastian Franquis.


  • Investment
    The 2018-2027 highway agreement will go from the 1,200 million signed in 2018 to 1,473 million when it expires, by adding the outstanding State debt.

  • Urgency
    Of the total of 407 million of the addendum that includes the payment of the debt, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has already advanced 134 million, a figure that has been certified by the Canary Islands as work carried out (125 million in September and nine this month from January).

Of the actions started,
40 correspond to drafting of projectsin which a total of
€38 millionwhile the jobs that
are already underway or about to start add up to 14 and the planned investment for them amounts to
724.6 million.

Regarding these 14 actions of the agreement,
12 are already awarded and in others
two is being finalized this process so that the works can begin are about to be awarded. According to the data from Public Works, 12 of these roads have been awarded or will be awarded imminently, which
85% have been in this legislature.


The lot of works already awarded sum approx
402 million and among them is the
Closure of the Island Ring between Santiago del Teide and El Tanquewhich 'absorbs' half of this item, since it has a budget of
240.3 million of euros.

Madrid has already paid 134 million of the road addendum

The section is in the same situation.
Caldereta-Airport of the North South axis of Fuerteventura (92 million); the improvement of
section Paredes-Alajeró-Airport in La Gomera (20.3 million); wave
improvement of the La Punta-Tijarafe section on the island of La Palma, whose budget amounts to 49.3 million.

Furthermore, between jobs
about to be awarded There are two important works:
the false tunnel on the TF-1 in Las Américas (Tenerife)which will have 95.5 million euros, and the
Arucas Ring Roadto which 21.1 million will be allocated.

Two other works of the current road agreement were already
awarded in 2019 when the current Government assumed the reins of the autonomous community. This is the case of the works of the
second phase of the La Aldea road between Agaete and El Risco, which has an investment of 152.3 million. Although it had already been awarded, it was launched with the new team from the Ministry led by Franquis and is still running today.

When this mandate began, in Tenerife the works of
improvement of the Chafiras-Oroteanda linkwhich adds a game of 23.3 million euros.

own funds

To the actions included in the agreement with the State, the Canary Islands adds others
three initiatives you have run with
own funds throughout the last four years.

It is about the s
Holandes Park link (Fuerteventura)with an investment of 2.1 million and which is already in service;
La Calderina roundabout in Mácher (Lanzarote), also already in service and in which it invested 1 million; and the
underpass under the LZ-2 in Playa Honda (Lanzarote)which is in the bidding phase for 4.3 million