The Canary Islands administer the fourth dose against covid in nursing homes starting tomorrow

Archive image of two nurses in the Agaete Valley attending a home vaccination. / C7

Health will inoculate the new sera adapted to the omicron variant to 100,000 people over 80 years of age and residents in nursing homes

Carmen Delia Aranda

The Primary Care teams mobilized during the
vaccination against covid are reactivated again in the Canary Islands to undertake the autumn vaccination campaign with which the population will be protected with sera adapted to the omicron variant. The new modified vaccines from the firms Pfizer and Moderna are the main novelty of a campaign that
will open this Monday in nursing homes and in the social health centers for the disabled in the Canary Islands.

“Vaccination starts tomorrow. The Ministry of Health in the national vaccination strategy what has marked us is to start it in the
most vulnerablethat is, residents in centers for the elderly and disabled and over 80 years old, "explains the coordinator of vaccination in the Canary Islands, Begoña Reyero.

Initially the priority is to administer the new vaccine to
7,236 residents in senior centers, in addition to internal disabled people in social health centers. A task that is expected to be done over a period of about ten days.

Simultaneously, the Primary Care teams will begin the active recruitment of people over 80 years of age, that is,
they will start calling them over the phone to receive the new formula against the new variants. "Over the course of two weeks, the option will be opened for those over 80 years of age to call to request an appointment," says Reyero.

The first phase of the autumn covid vaccination campaign has a target population of about
100.000 personas, among people aged 80 or over and residents in centers for the elderly. «In Tenerife, some 47,000 people are within this target group, in Gran Canaria, some 39,000 people; in Lanzarote, 4,500, in La Palma, around 5,600; in Fuerteventura, 2,400; in La Gomera, 600 and in El Hierro, 750 people, ”explains the coordinator of the vaccination plan against covid in the Canary Islands.

Once this population is given vaccination coverage, the administration will continue to other groups until the protection against covid is reinforced in the
groups most exposed or vulnerable to the virusin addition to the entire population over 60 years of age.

After people aged 80 or over and residents in centers for the elderly or disabled, the time will come to vaccinate health or socio-health personnel and people who present risk conditions.


Then, a summons system will be enabled to gradually vaccinate those between 80 and 60 years old, says Reyero.

«The definition of the groups is different. The fundamental basis for defining them is based on vulnerability and the most exposed groups”, says the nurse.

The staff assigned by the Primary Care management to each stage of the campaign will be adjusted to the needs and the number of appointments arranged, so their number will vary weekly depending on the needs. "We will adapt to people's demand," says the coordinator of the plan.

Reasons to get vaccinated

Regarding the motivations for participating in this new vaccination campaign, Reyero offers three clear reasons: the first, "the suffering from
infection does not guarantee protection; the second, that the previous vaccines were effective against variants of Sars-Cov-2 that hardly circulate anymore; and lastly, that
having been vaccinated and having passed the infection does not guarantee the durability of the protectionso "to obtain a more robust immunity and increase antibody titers, you have to be vaccinated," he emphasizes.

Those who have recently overcome the infection they should leave a margin of between three and five months to be able to be vaccinated. In the case of those over 80 years of age, the time interval between infection and vaccination is three months; for those under 80 years of age, five months.

Thanks to previous experience, the campaign will be easier. "At the logistics and handling of the vaccine, everything has been learned," she says, satisfied.