The Canary Islands add three deaths and 108 new infections

Canarias has provisionally registered 108 new cases of coronavirus COVID-19 In the last 24 hours, the total number of accumulated cases on the islands has now risen to 26,135. Also, in the last few hours the death of three people in Tenerife, two men and one woman, aged between 75 and 76 years.

By islands, Tenerife has 70 cases, so the total accumulated amounts to 12,756; Gran Canaria has 33 new cases and 10,318 accumulated. Lanzarote adds two new cases with 1,539 accumulated, while Fuerteventura remains at 985 accumulated, since it does not register new cases in the last hours.

For its part, La Palma adds two new cases, so the accumulated are 281. La Gomera does not add any cases in the last 24 hours and its accumulated remain at 181, while El Hierro adds one new case and has 75 accumulated.

The Ministry of Health reminds that these data are provisional, since the Alerts and Emergencies Coordination Center does not receive epidemiological information from the autonomous communities on weekends and holidays, so there will be no communication of complete data nor will the website be updated Grafcan these days, but these provisional data that will be reviewed and consolidated according to the protocols. The daily update will be active again this Monday.

Sanitary recommendations

The Ministry has called to follow the recommendations of the General Directorate of Public Health of the SCS to hold social and family gatherings with the greatest possible security and avoid the possibility of transmission of COVID-19.

The ideal thing is to celebrate meals outdoors or in well ventilated areas in order to avoid closed spaces. It is advisable to keep the meetings of this period with the same contact bubble group so that the possibilities of transmission are limited and that if one of the guests has symptoms that they do not attend the celebration. In this case, you have to isolate yourself and call the coronavirus service line 900 112 061.

Recommendations include maintaining distance at all times, including at the table during lunch or dinner, between people who are not living together and only remove the mask when eating and drinking, since the greatest risk occurs at the time of the fact that people are unprotected so it is important to avoid these exposures as much as possible without a mask.

Other recommendations are to greet each other without maintaining physical contact, therefore, without kisses or hugs; maintain separation at the table between non-cohabitants, for example including a free chair between non-cohabitating families; carry out adequate hand hygiene, for which it may be useful to put the hydroalcoholic gel on the table; avoid placing the masks on the table; it can be kept, for example, in a paper envelope; do not share utensils, or chop from the same plate and it is recommended to mark the glasses so that there is no possibility of confusion; food should always be served by the same person so that movement around the table is limited; toast without clinking glasses to avoid contact, and reduce table time to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.

Likewise, it is recommended that in the event that several family members are caregivers of a vulnerable person, they do not all coincide in the same celebration. If it were necessary to establish a quarantine, they would not all be affected.

Precautionary measures

The Ministry of Health recalls that a series of restrictive measures are active to stop the expansion of coronavirus infections during the Christmas holidays. Thus, for all the islands except Tenerife, a limitation of the movement of people has been established between 01:00 and 06:00, except for the next New Year’s Eve, which is delayed until 01:30.

For meetings, the number of 6 people may not be exceeded, except for those December 31 and January 1, where the maximum is 10 people.

Faced with the progressive increase in COVID-19 cases in Tenerife, the Canary Islands Government approved a series of more restrictive measures to slow down the contagion curve on the island. The freedom of movement of people is limited at night from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day, except for New Year’s Eve, which is delayed until 1 a.m., exclusively for the return to the usual home.

In hotels and restaurants, the interior areas will be closed, with a distance of at least 2 meters between adjacent table chairs and with a maximum occupancy per table of 4 people.

Bar consumption, buffet or self-service is also prohibited and the maximum capacity in these interior areas will be 33%. The collection service of food and beverages on the premises and the delivery at home is allowed, with the time limitation indicated above.

In outdoor spaces, bar consumption, buffet or self-service service, and smoking are prohibited, and you cannot exceed 50% of the authorized capacity, maintaining a distance of at least 2 meters between adjacent table chairs and with a maximum occupancy per table of 4 people.


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