November 29, 2020

The Canary Islands add 30 cases, the lowest figure since August

The Canary Islands add 30 cases, the lowest figure since August

The Canary Islands add 30 cases, the lowest figure since August

The Archipelago verified about thirty new infections among the population yesterday, which represents the lowest daily number of positive diagnoses in SARS-CoV-2 since last August 6, when the region gathered the same list of detections. However, as indicated by the Regional Executive Health Council, another 30 cases that correspond to migrants who arrived in boats to the Canary Islands remain under epidemiological review and have not risen to the statistics of accumulated cases –16,845–. With all this, the Islands continue to be the region with the lowest accumulated incidence in the whole country, with 77.41 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days and 41.70 in the last seven.

Also, during the day yesterday, the Canary Islands had to mourn a new death in Tenerife. The death corresponds to a 73-year-old woman who suffered from previous illnesses. This latest death brings to 272 the deaths that have occurred in the region as a result of the effects caused by the pathogen.


In the autonomous community, a total of 1,247 patients suffering from Covid-19 have received medical discharge in the course of the last seven days, which translates into an increase of 13.6%. And it is that, until last Monday, the number of subjects who had managed to overcome the condition was estimated at 9,137, while yesterday the count already reached 10,384. Only during the last 24 hours 161 registrations were issued.

Currently, the Canary Islands have 6,189 active cases of the virus, 132 less than last Sunday. Bearing in mind the data divided by Islands, Gran Canaria is the one that accumulates most of the infections, with 8,571 cases, of which 18 are new, and 2,815 are active; Tenerife follows, with 5,941 accumulated cadres –that is 42– and 3,209 active; Lanzarote, which remains with 1,225 accumulated diagnoses and 78 assets; Fuerteventura, which also maintains the unchanged count, with 755 accumulated and 52 assets; La Palma, which continues with 192 accumulated and five assets; La Gomera, with 88 accumulated and 11 active; and El Hierro, which brings together 72 detections since the beginning of this global pandemic and 18 patients pending their evolution.

So far, 469,280 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests have been carried out in the Islands, of which 4.52% have revealed a positive diagnosis in the infection. Only in the course of the Sunday session 2,180 tests of these characteristics were carried out.


In the Canary Islands there are 223 patients fighting the disease in some of the Covid plants that remain enabled in the different hospital centers. Additionally, 46 others are trying to win the battle in intensive care units. Most of those affected who require hospital care are in Tenerife, which has 115 patients on the ward and 28 in critical care.

The other side of the coin is put by those who pass the disease at home because they remain asymptomatic, or present mild or moderate symptoms, and who represent 95.6% of all active cases in the community.


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