June 20, 2021

The Canary Islands accelerate vaccination to reach 70% of immunizations in July

Until yesterday, 1,032,744 vaccines had been administered in the Islands of the 1,112,360 that have arrived –92.84% -. This means that 40% of the target population in the region has received at least one dose; while almost 18% already have the complete guideline. “Our pace is magnificent,” said the Minister of Health, Blas Trujillo, who accompanied Torres in the presentation of the Vacinate campaign with which the Government intends to continue promoting the massive inoculation of serum.

The Chief Executive stressed that the Canary Islands are at a crucial moment in the vaccination process against the virus, in which, in addition, access to the vaccine has already been facilitated to the youngest population, after having protected the vast majority of the population. belonging to vulnerable groups. In this regard, the regional president proudly highlighted the response of the island society, which came to collapse the web so that residents between 16 and 50 years old register to receive the compound. “In just 48 hours more than 300,000 canaries had registered and 170,000 already have an appointment,” he said.

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The sights are now set on increasing these figures to achieve the desired 70% of immunizations before the end of the summer. The key will be, according to Trujillo, in the operation that has been launched in the Islands and that has the capacity to administer 30,000 daily doses; as well as the arrival of those 1.3 million doses in the coming weeks of the four drugs approved by the EMA. In this sense, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, ruled out that there may be problems with the supply of AstraZeneca, which continues to be the preference of those under 60, despite being able to receive Pfizer. Of course, as long as “the company complies,” added the head of the state health area after visiting the Parliament of the Canary Islands before the presentation of the campaign, which was also attended by the director of the SCS, Conrado Domínguez, and the coordinators of the vaccination process in the islands, the expert nurse in vaccines, Begoña Reyero, and the head of the Epidemiology and Prevention section of the General Directorate of Public Health and president of the Spanish Association of Vaccination, Amós García Rojas.

During his telematic intervention, Darias took the opportunity to congratulate Torres and Trujillo for the rate of inoculation in the Archipelago and announced a new record for the arrival of vaccines in Spain, with 4.6 million doses during the next week in which it is also expected reach the “milestone” of 10 million immunizations nationwide. To date, there are already more than 25.7 million doses administered; 17.5 million people with at least one dose – about 40% of the population -; and also 8.6 million immunized people, around 20% of Spaniards, “he said.

117 New cases

  • The Ministry of Health reported yesterday on the detection of 117 new cases of coronavirus in the Islands. With them, the general count rises to 56,108.

43 ICU patients

  • Of the 1,777 citizens who are still infected in the Archipelago, 251 are admitted. Of these, 43 are in the Intensive Care Units and 208 in the plant.

Regarding the epidemiological situation in the region, Health yesterday notified the detection of 117 new cases of coronavirus that raise the general count to 56,108 since the beginning of the pandemic. Of these, 1,777 are still active. Most of the people who are ill recover at home, although 251 have had to be hospitalized: 43 in the Intensive Care Units (ucis) and 208 in the plant.

On the other side is the number of citizens who have defeated the virus and which already stands at 53,565. Unfortunately, 766 residents of the Canary Islands have lost their lives due to the complications derived from SARS-CoV-2, although in the last day no more deaths were reported for this reason.

By Islands, Tenerife added 72 cases yesterday with which it accumulates a total of 24,584. Of these tables, 1,037 are still in progress. In Gran Canaria the general figure rises to 22,555, 19 more than the previous day; while the assets are 445 assets. Lanzarote registered 25 new positive diagnoses and with them there are already 5,476 since the beginning of the pandemic. On the island, 228 people are still affected by the pathogen.

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Fuerteventura accumulates 2,325 infections after adding one more the day before, so its number of assets stands at 47. The rest of the island territories did not increase their statistics. In this way, La Palma maintains a general count of 563 cases and 19 cases in progress. In El Hierro there is still one infected of the 371 that has been on the island for more than a year. Finally, La Gomera is the only island free from Covid-19, with 233 positive diagnoses overall.

The Ministry of Health also reported that the coronavirus outbreak that remained active in El Hierro was officially closed yesterday by the General Directorate of Public Health and it is expected that the epidemiological discharge will soon be given to the only case that is still active.

my story

Likewise, the health area announced last day that the Covid-19 vaccination document is available in the myHistory section integrated into the miSCS service. The portal of personalized digital health services for SCS users in which 68,409 people have registered. In the last month, the space has registered 207,362 consultations, of which 116,860 have been via the web and 90,502 through the mobile myHistory app, with a daily average of 7,150 accesses.

In this service you can currently download the vaccination card against the virus and will also host, when available, the EU Covid-19 Certificate to travel that proves if you are vaccinated or if you have a negative PCR or immunization for having passed the disease .

’22 angels’ encourage the population to get vaccinated

the campaign ‘Vacúnate’, which can be found on the web: vaccinatecanarias.com, has three audiovisual pieces. The main one is the spot ’22 angels’ and the other two contain the testimonies of Amós García and Begoña Reyero explaining the importance of the Royal Vaccine Philanthropic Expedition and its parallelism with the current situation, in addition to highlighting the role of the staff health, especially that of nurses and male nurses. A work that has as its common thread the expedition carried out by the doctor Francisco Javier de Balmis y Berenguer, who embarked in 1803 together with 22 minors from the Foundling House of La Coruña, accompanied by the rector of the hospice, Isabel Zendal Gómez, to take the smallpox vaccine to Latin America, planning to inoculate the children during the journey to keep the serum. On December 10, the Royal Expedition makes its first stop in the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where it vaccinates thousands of people for a month. From there he jumped to the rest of the Islands before continuing with the route. | LP / DLP


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