Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

The Canary archipelago, ‘erased from the map’ by the Calima – La Provincia

The intense calm that the Canary Islands suffer for several weeks now, with some intervals in which its presence decreases but without disappearing enough to clean the atmosphere, it has been especially dense in the last hours, as can be seen in one of the images captured by one of the satellites that orbit over the Islands.

The last of those photographs, which is posted by a user of @controllers , make it clear that the suspended powder It is dense enough for the Archipelago to disappear from the target.

They haven’t erased us, really. We are under that dark cloud of #calima #Canarias is still in place even if the satellite does not see us ?? @metoffice @ElTiempo_tve @controladores @RTVE_Com @meteocat @RAM_meteo @MeteoGerena @meteomostoles @ElTiempoNavarra

„JuanMa Hernández (@Elmorromazo) February 14, 2020


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