The Canary accounts continue their parliamentary process

The Canary accounts continue their parliamentary process

The Parliament debated yesterday in first reading the budgets of the autonomous community for 2023. / C7

Rodríguez defended that the Canary Islands "has been in good hands at the worst moments", while the opposition calls for greater tax relief

B. Hernandez

B. HERNANDEZ The Gran Canarian palms

As planned, the
amendments to the entire of
Canarian Coalition y
People's Party to the
autonomous community budgets for 2023 were
rejected for the
groups that support the government.

debate at first reading of the Canarian accounts resulted in the vote against the initiatives presented by the opposition that added 36 'no', 32 'yes' -in addition to CC and PP they had the support of Vidina Espino- and the abstentions of the deputy of the Group Mixed Ricardo Fernández de la Puente (Cs) and the non-attached parliamentarian, Sandra Domínguez.

The Vice President of the Executive and Minister of Finance, Román Rodríguez, defended the bill and indicated that the Canary Islands have been
"in good hands despite having gone through the worst moments.

the opposition claimed above all a
deeper tax relief plan than the one proposed in the Government's text, while expressing doubts about the ability to manage the accounts.

Rodríguez rejected for
"frivolous" the amendments to the entire and assured that if PP and CC were governing they would not apply them. while it was shown
open to agree with CC some measures in the process of
partial amendmentswas harsher with the PP when pointing out that his amendment includes "very conservative and unsuccessful" opinions.


The Vice President emphasized the
2023 budget growthwhich foresees an expense of
10.180 millionwhich is almost 12% more than in the current year.

In addition, and following the strategic line established by the pact,
social spending will be the axis of its action and will be allocated
7,478 million -grows 9.4%-, while highlighting the
investment effort -which is around 1,800 million- and the
support to productive sectorswhose items reach 395 million for next year.

With respect to
tax adjustment selective proposed by the Executive to
benefit low and middle incomewill mean for the autonomous community 100 million and a
benefit of 105 euros on average for each taxpayer.

This was one of the most
criticized by both the Canary Islands Coalition and the Popular Party whose spokesmen,
Jose Miguel Barragan y
Manuel Dominguez, complained
higher tax cuts so that families and companies can cope with the increase in prices and raised a
temporary reduction of the IGIC from 7% to 5%.

These measures were rejected by Rodríguez, who recalled that
The Canary Islands have the lowest indirect tax in all of Europe.

The opinion of the groups

Jose Miguel Barragan (CC

"It will help little or nothing"

In his defense of the amendment to the entire CC, the nationalist spokesman explained that the budget "will help little or nothing" to the economic recovery of the islands

Manuel Dominguez (PP)

"It's unfair and irresponsible"

The PP leader said that the accounts are the most "unfair, unreal and irresponsible" in the Canary Islands, since they incur debt and increase taxes by depending on state budgets.

Iñaki Lavandera (PSOE)

“CC and PP plan fiscal drowning”

The socialist spokesman considers that the "fiscal drowning" plan presented by the opposition is "irresponsible, demagogue and impossible to comply with"

Luis Campos (NC)

"It grows without more taxes"

For Campos, the accounts follow the "manual" of growing without raising taxes and increasing collection to be able to attend to public services and help the productive sectors.

Manuel Marrero (We can)

"A horizon of justice"

Faced with the governments "returning", said Manuel Marrero, the 2023 accounts of the Pact of Flowers "present a horizon of justice, redistribution and dignified lives"

Casimiro Curbelo (ASG)

"Equal opportunities"

Curbelo ensures that the budget advances in the search for equal opportunities to respond to "a social, equal and sustainable majority"

Ricardo Fernandez of the Bridge (Cs)

"Avoid waste"

The Cs spokesman criticized the lack of ambition of the Government with the tax reform included in the budget and urged to avoid the "waste" of public resources.


In his defense of the amendment to the entirety, the
nationalist leader assured that there must be a
“most effective” formula that the bill presented by the Government
to face “the uncertainty” of 2023 since, in his opinion, these accounts
"will help little or nothing" to recovery economy of the islands.

He also criticized the fact that the president, Ángel Víctor Torres, did not want to sit down with CC to address his proposal, which would have prevented this amendment in its entirety. The budget, concluded Barragán, is "improvable."

For his part,
Manuel Dominguez considered that the budgets presented by the Executive
“they are the most unfair and irresponsible” that the Canary Islands have never had because they drag state budgets "like a slab" with "wrong" forecasts.

In his opinion, these accounts do not include any tax relief for the Canaries, but
"tax punishment" Well, he explained, there has been a growth in taxes since 2019. He also pointed out that one of the deficiencies that the bill has in this regard is that families that do not have the obligation to present the income statement do not have savings fiscal.

For her part, the
Deputy of the Mixed Group, Vidina Espinovoted in favor of the amendments in their entirety and described as
"scam" the fiscal adjustment included in the budgets, because it amounts to 100 million at the same time as the increase in
IGIC collection amounts to 500 million. He understands that there is room for a tax cut.

another deputy from the Mixed Group, Ricardo Fernández de la Puente (Cs), demanded that European funds reach companies and prevent the waste of public resources. In addition, he questioned the growth of the administration while the productive sectors recede.

budget defense

As for the
groups of the Pact of Flowersthe
Socialist Iñaki Lavandera considered in his speech that the
budgets introduced in Parliament
they provide "certainty"» to the future of the Canary Islands and show that the autonomous community improves every day.

Regarding the proposals of the opposition, he accused them of
"fiscal populism" and in the case of the PP he indicated that it is an "irresponsible" initiative.

Also the spokesperson for
New Canary Islands (NC), Luis Camposdefended that the 2023 budgets are "good" and follow the "manual" of
grow without raising taxes or indebtedness and increasing collection in order to better serve public services and help the productive sectors.

We canthe fundamental thing is that whoever has the most contribution, said his spokesman
Manuel Marrerowho added that "in the face of returning governments", these accounts
They present "a horizon of justice, redistribution and dignified lives".

For the leader of
ASG, Casimiro Curbelothese are
«the best budgets at the worst time."