The canaries keep their hegemona in the Slam Arena - La Provincia

The Gran Canaria Arena was the perfect framework for the development of the best evening of contact sport that has been held in the Canary Islands. The mixed format of the Slam Arena arrived in Gran Canaria with the best poster of national and international fighters of the highest level until now seen and that offered a great show.

15 fights took place between K-1 and MMA with significant performance of the canaries who were erected, once again, as the best fighters of the night.

Of special relevance was the farewell match of the laureate Rafa del Toro who exhibited the class that has shown him in his career to his last fight.

Another canary, Acoidan Duque made a stellar fight with Shamil Ismailov, in a fairly hard crossing that resolved in his favor not without struggling until the end.

Also the canary Juamma Santana gave a great show as he is accustomed to the public of the Arena.

The Gran Canaria Arena collected an influx of audiences of about 2,500 spectators lived with great emotion and delivered all the fighting.

Winners List

1.- Darwin
2.- Gasca
3.- Anduan Bensaid
4.- Rita Marrero
5.- Daniel Ladford
6.- Jose Sanchez
7.- Acorac Caballero
8- Null
9.-Rafa del Toro 10.Kevin Cordero 11.-Omar Santana 12 ,. David Peña
13.- Moisés Baute 14.-Juamma Suárez 15.-Welcome Duke


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