September 26, 2020

The Canaries, 'hooked' to the Internet – The Province

The Canaries, 'hooked' to the Internet - The Province

The canaries spend 'hooked' to the Internet 45% of the week, that is, of the 168 hours a week has, the islanders are connected a total of 75, according to the report Digital Consumer 360 performed by Nielsen in collaboration with Dynata.

Specific, it is the sixth most connected autonomous community and it is one hour above the Spanish average, located at 74 hours.

In this way, the citizensCanaries and Spaniards spend more hours in the virtual world – almost eleven hours – than in dreams – eight hours – although the islanders 'jump' from one device to another and spend an average of 29 hours a week connected to the smartphone, 32 to the computer and 10 to the tablet

In fact, there is the circumstance that on many occasions there is a 'double screen effect'that is crucial for advertisers to make sure that users pay attention and retain messages, and the Internet as a purchase channel. And is that 83% of users watch television and connect to the Internet at the same time.

In addition, and if this moment coincides with the afternoon / evening, the report adds that it is "very likely"that user is being informed of future purchases, as 22% of canaries do, that between 6 pm and 10 pm they go from 'virtual shopping', the so-called new prime time of consumption.

The Responsible for Online Measurement of Nielsen Spain, Maira Barcellos, has said that "if brands do not understand the digital consumer, they are missing almost half of the week of their lives".

"Not understanding your digital life is not understanding your life, there are many euros that are lost and the risk is incremental as devices and channels increase, hence the importance of this digital consumer photography, of knowing how, when, where and for what it connects, "he commented.


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