July 27, 2021

The Canarian trade hopes to get out of the stalemate with this 'Black Friday' – La Provincia

More than a black Friday, it is a black weekend that, shortly after we neglect, it will become a whole month. The Canarian trade trusts that theBlack fridayreactivate sales in a year marked by lukewarmness. The economic context – of frank deceleration and uncertainty – has kept the sector in a situation of stagnation from which it expects to leave as of today, when the day of discounts imported from the United States kicks off the official campaign to the Christmas campaign. Such is the importance of this long weekend – which lasts until Monday with theCyber ​​monday– that 20% of Christmas purchases are concentrated in it, a proportion that some estimates raise to 25%, that is, a quarter of Christmas purchases.

Abbas Moujir, general secretary of the Federation of Urban Areas of the Canary Islands (Fauca), expects sales to be kept in records similar to those of 2018. His counterpart in the Canary Association of Medium and Large Distribution Companies (Asodiscan), Alfredo Medina , even contemplates that they can be increased by 3%, a result more than satisfactory, since the lastBlack friday"It was extraordinary."

The tradition arrived from North America in 2012 "had a very important boom in the first years and then it has been stabilizing in terms of sales," Moujir explains. Several factors have contributed to this moderation, among them that "the consumer analyzes the offers a little more before the purchase" and also that the economic situation has worsened after reaching the peak of recovery. The slowdown in the economy is the cause of the moderation that has suffered the commercial sector so far this year – despite the rebound of the summer – and that yesterday confirmed the sales index prepared by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), which has remained unchanged, as opposed to the progress it had experienced until this year.

With theBlack fridayThey start more than two weeks of intense purchases. According to the representative of Fauca, up to 60% of sales are carried out between today and the middle of next month. "We hope it will be a good start to the Christmas campaign. There are indicators that invite us to think that this will be the case, such as the increase in the recruitment of temporary employment, which has risen," says Alfredo Medina, who agrees that "the year has been difficult, with ups and downs. " In the opinion of the secretary general of Asodiscan, the economic convulsions – trade war between China and the US,brexit, European slowdown – political instability in Spain and a climate that "no longer responds to the guidelines of the seasons" – with cool summers and warm winters that do not correspond to the products of each moment – have led to this irregular march of trade .

That sales soar these days does not imply that there is unanimity about the convenience ofBlack friday, since the sales force to reduce margins. However, Medina is clear that this day "has come to stay." "It is a new scenario that you cannot avoid. It is impossible not to participate in a promotion that the consumer requires," he says. Abbas Moujir, on the other hand, recognizes that within the Spanish Confederation of Commerce there are different positions on continuous discounts, but it is clear that "what one store stops selling is sold by another." Of course, alert about the "disproportionate" sales: above 50%, he says, the discount does not have an increase in customers. Even so, some stores have reached 70%.

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