The Canarian schools, waiting for the instructions to mix bubble groups

Archive image of students at a school in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. / JUAN CARLOS ALONSO

The new measures allow families to access the centers both for the entry and exit of students and to attend center activities

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The Canarian schools are waiting for the
Ministry of Education send them the instructions to change the covid protocol according to
the new update from the Public Health Commission. Usually,
the bubble groups will disappear, since they will be able to mix with each other except in the dining room.

The Ministry of Education hopes to send
the instructions to the centers "in the next few days" after meeting with
Ministry of Health in the covid commission, as it has done with other changes in the educational protocol, such as the elimination of masks inside.

With the mixture of the bubble groups, the main measure of the protocols against the virus in infant and primary schools disappears.

new rules

Last Tuesday, the Public Health Commission updated the Prevention, Hygiene and Health Promotion Measures against covid-19 for educational centers in the current course.

Thus, in
Infant, Primary and Special Education «the current Stable Coexistence Groups (GCE) can interact with each other both outdoors and indoors» Except, the document from the Ministry of Health points out, «in the field of school canteens and alternative spaces set up for meals, where these groups will remain».

Priority to telematic attention

also picks up
another significant changeand it is that
Previously, communication with families was prioritized "by telephone, email, messages or ordinary mail and telematic procedures will be facilitated". In addition, families could enter the centers "if the teaching staff or the management team consider it so."

In the new instructions, on the other hand, the prioritization of telematic communication disappears and the entry of families into the centers is allowed again.

Families will be able to enter the centers

Family access is allowed to both indoor and outdoor spaces of the educational center, both for the entry and exit of students from the center and for other activities, avoiding crowds»specifically collects the text published on the website of the Ministry of Health.

are also allowed
individual tutoring meetings with families "In well-ventilated interior spaces, always complying with the prevention and hygiene measures that are in force at that time." And, in general, "it is recommended that meetings with families in the open air be prioritized."

Maintain interpersonal distance

In the dining room, text abounds,
“It is necessary to maintain the reinforcement of prevention measures, both limiting the number of people who share interior spaces, such as interpersonal distance and ventilation.».

It is recalled that both in the dining room and in the alternative spaces, the distance of 1.5 meters must continue to be maintained (flexible to 1.2 meters) except in the case of belonging to the same bubble group and the recommendation to take turns and maintain different spaces.
"When two or more groups of stable coexistence have to share dining space, they will be separated from each other by the greatest possible distance," the document states..

permanent ventilation

In these new instructions from the Public Health Commission, it continues to be
emphasis on the importance of ventilation, to which an annex is dedicated. They ask "to maintain ventilation permanently, as far as possible, and intensify it between shifts of different groups." And he remembers that to maintain proper ventilation,
“it is necessary to work in two directions: increase air renewal and reduce occupation”that is, the number of people, clarifies the document.

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