The Canarian scene is portrayed – The Province

The Canarian scene is portrayed - The Province

The sound harvest of 2018 in the Canary Islands has been generous and diverse. The year in which Rosala sets the pace with 'El mal querer', the musical phenomenon of the season by Pablo Díaz-Reixa from Gran Canaria, the island scene continues to do its thing, generating a product in search of a public that costs to convince. More than 50 works portray the soundtrack of the last 12 months; a mosaic of references that are due to pop, experimental rock, fusion, metal, electronic, rock, reggae, rap and a sort of folk of American roots, have played a leading role, each in its plot and market.

The Canarian scene is in good health if the number of discs published is taken as given. The activity of the few island seals, recording studios, editions of Canarian artists in national, large and domestic stamps, self-publishing, and in digital format in 2018, leaves a handful of proper names and more than 50 works in a year abundant in editions on vinyl. Musicians in construction who have found their space; veterans who maintain their pulse as if time and years were not with them; others that in the last year have changed register; and those who have had professional luck outside the Islands.

With the break that has meant the closure of venues such as Mojo Club, La Choza and PKDK, the story of 2018 begins outside the Canary Islands with Pablo Díaz-Reixa, the Gran Canarian musician and producer who leads El Guincho, an artist who took flight years ago and who has become producer of the year thanks to his accurate association with the singer from Barcelona Rosalía and his album The bad want (Sony Music). Two Latin Grammy for the composition and production of the single Badly They also contributed to placing the album among the most outstanding of the year by the main international media.

The collision of the flamenco root with urban sounds has a greater prize and places the Gran Canaria in another league. "I think I have earned this risky space with projects of great creative independence," he reasoned to the PROVINCE in a recent interview, in which he argued that we are before an artist out of the ordinary.

In Madrid they have other Canarian musicians with new jobs in the market, such as Texxcoco, Los Vinagres, Papaya and Solo Astra. The first two have not stopped spinning throughout the Peninsula with new repertoire in the last year. Texxcoco edited Disorder, their second album and debut with Subterfuge, which allowed the group to move through all the halls and festivals that have been put forward. The band led by Adriana Moscoso has revealed itself as a fierce creature nationwide thanks to songs Crazy Mama or Lucifernando.

Los Vinagres, the trio from La Palma, has done well the year thanks to The volcanoes, first long for Warner. Ten songs with the group's production and Vicente Carrasco, and the sound's turn towards a danceable, verbena rock, which reveals the band formed by Abel Lorenzo, Sergio and Rober Acosta, was the sound they were looking for. Songs like Your way of walking makes me mad, Do not put on lipstick or Chibichanga, they have become familiar to the peninsular public.

Solo Astra is the other Canarian formation in Subterfuge that this year dispatched the Ep Delivery Boy, and that he has planned a new album in April 2019, of which the single is already known Cold Hot Dog. Madrid's transit leads to Papaya and its pop proposal with Latin borders. The band that has to the front to Yanara Espinoza also has had its prize and has been of festival in festival all the year on the occasion of the second Open heart for the Javelin seal.

Two other artists who work outside have portrayed themselves this year with new releases. On the one hand, the Tenerife Pedro Guerra I returned to Candies (1995), his solo debut after Taller Canario, with a reissue and tour with the title of # Golosinas2018 (Sony Music). The original repertoire to which extras are added with the collaborations of Rozalén, Juanes, Pablo López and Vanesa Martín.

Who has taken tables outside the Islands is Bejo, the alias of Borja Jiménez. A record per year, the rapper who handles at his whim the keys of a genre, sometimes trap, sometimes something else, returned to be the focus of attention inside and outside Spain with a second self-published disc Paraphernalia. Cookin Souls, Sume Beats, Lativo, Eclectic or Dj Pimp, who accompanies him live, participate in this production that leaves topics such as Bluish green or blue-green ?, One pound pal kilo, Onomeatropella, Down or Hit him with Pepa.

From the Canary Islands we also work with national and international labels, independent labels and other signs. This is the case of Red Beard, GAF and La Estrella de la Muerte, Eduardo Briganty, The Vinylos, Misfits, Birkins, O.D.I.O. and Guerrilla Urbana among other formations of the Islands with a new album in 2018. A Red Beard, the band that has Jaime Jiménez Fleitas from Gran Canaria, got the opportunity to sign with the multinational Peermusic, and redirect his career with new training face to his fourth album Dakota. Less country, folk and blues in favor of southern rock, a more electric sound compared to its first three works Nobody's Gonna Bring Me Down I and II, Y All or Nothing, which has allowed him to move this year with a European tour, and with the United States on the horizon.


On the other hand, the Tenerife GAF and La Estrella de la Muerte billed Gamma Bay, fifth reference for the Barcelona label Foehn. An exercise in instrumental muscle, psychedelia and domesticated noise that expands its sound towards a new dimension, and it seems like one of the year's records. The experimentation and sound manipulation has also had on its side musicians like Eduardo Briganty. This year the Gran Canaria left aside its Miniature project to explore other lands close to the ambient. In the shelter of the Malaga label El Muelle Records, Briganty was surprised in 2018 with Micrograms, a risky work, in which he hides his voice in favor of textures and atmospheres that revere Brian Eno, Steve Reich, or La Monte Young.

In a very similar terrain moves DOM, the alias of Domingo Alemán, which premiered Summertime Ep.

From ambient to culture sixties and the mod universe that is due to Tenerife The Vinylos. The second album Blow me Up, with the label Clifford Records, is one of the pearls of the 2018 vintage, which includes readings of Blackberry Way, of The Move; Why Have We To Wait, from The Pussycats; Y I Take What I Want, of Sam & Dave, in addition to the version of Pretty Green, from The Jam, side B of the exclusive blue vinyl single from Blow me up.

The Grankers Birkins, artists of the Barcelona label El Genio Mistaken, put their gaze on David Bowie and the record The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars (1972), to design his fifth album You're not alone, which is published on January 8, coinciding with Bowie's birthday. A double album that includes the original repertoire, with the novelty of the departure of Dani Machin's group (voice and guitars) and to which Thiago Gomes supplies; and a second album with the collaboration of Muni Camón, Javier de Torres with Sergio Casquero, Jonathan Donahue, Mikel Erentxun, Pablo Errea, Lyla Foy, Paco Loco, Julián Maeso, Ran Pink, Luis Prado, Ken Stringfellow and Álvaro Suite.

Two stamps from Tenerife with an artisan's will, El Hombre Bala and Los 80 Pasan Factura, have once again been exclusive containers of the most outstanding of 2018. To this catalog we must add Discos Delejos, which presented one of the titles of the year in collaboration with Aladeriva Records, Arico, Diego Ramírez's project. Folk and experimental pop with denomination of origin. Two other references leave Discos Delejos, as Synesthesia Pino Ojeda, by Hernández & Fernández, the duo Adán Hernández and Panki Rodríguez that explores the poetry of Pino Ojeda; and Cruz Perro Maldito, where Carlos Pérez, Ricardo Marichal and David Paredes converge.

LANAVE and One Planet

The Bala Man is the repository of several of the outstanding titles of 2018. Nothing is left in this label, and as a sample of what he handles, the compilation with artists of the year, in free download, which are: We Were Heading North, K0manec1, LANAVE, One Planet, Cosmic Bro. & Dj JT, Blue Rondo, The Weeird and Malaspecto.

Between the We Were Heading North postrock with his second Lightness, and Malaspecto, with its irreverent and freaky pop, casiotone style, manifest in the craziness that is his third album Get away from this (next failures), they highlight the exquisite Geometric Splendor, of K0manec1, project by David González; the verb of Alberto Alonso wrapped in subtle layers and guitars back and forth, emerging as a Planet with Trees – Diego Hdez production-; the pop elegance that distills in Lanzarote with LANAVE and its homonymous Ep, defended by Alejando Aguilar, José María Pérez and Samuel Peña; The Weeird, elder creature of the seal, which moved So far from you, third single from Ep In the Garden (2017); and double Evening / Uninverse, by Blue Rondó, edited by Pretérita Futura, in collaboration with El Hombre Bala and Los 80 Pasan Factura.

De Los 80 Pasan Factura, in addition to Blue Rondo, the explosive third album of La Masacre, Acetone, where rage and melody go hand in hand; the reissue of two cassettes by Domi Delgado: the compilation The Foundry, of Superproducciones Manolito; Y Canary Islands is not sold, by Domi Delgado Fan Club.

The other big bet of The 80 Pass Bill is called Misfits. The band from Lanzarote, a redoubt of B-series rock and roll, came back strongly with the album Desperate rock'n'roll, an album by Folc Records in collaboration with Los 80 Pasan Factura. Twelve songs recorded in Neptar Studies with Ane Fernández, executive production of Yotti Delgado, and mastered by Mike Mariconda.

Before leaving Lanzarote, review two albums this year that exude a passion for rock and roll: Los Verbenas with Affirmative, and The Crickets and The Shrews.

Back in Tenerife, Keroxen Records put into circulation, on vinyl, you with I like, the sonorous pirouettes of Roberto Miranda; Pianoise, by Hara Alonso; Y Humanoids of the abyss, from Saletile, in addition to Makin Lemonade, by Postman, referring to the electronic scene. The tour of Tenerife in 2018 leads to Crusher, the unclassifiable group of Carlos Conde and José J. Martín, with his second job Meat Dog (Discs of the Devil); Monkey Faces, rock exercise of the 90 manifesto on the disc Hard Love; the new delivery of Fran Baraja Magician; Caprice Daily Malt, Ethyl Ep by Rubén Hernández and Christian Bormann; and among others, the seventh installment of St Fusion, Bushi; Y two works in a reggae key that have as protagonist Ruts & La Isla Music and its last Winter flower; and Dactah Chando, who presented his already fifth album Global Cityzen.

Punk rock and hardcore

Punk and rough sounds of rock have quota. The people from Guerrilla Urbana and O.D.I.O. have joined this year to the team of Maldito Digital, Valencian label. The Guerrilla veterans have pressed a dozen issues in Stateless. Formation of quartet with the incorporation of Rocko (ex Oi se Arma) to the voice, which Chiru, Zurda and Angelucho follow. HATE. (Our Days in Oblivion) ​​presented his second Psychoparasite, also in Maldito Digital. Other Longevity Tenerife, A.S.C.O. (Anti Capitalist Oppressor Society), they were portrayed in 2018 with their fourth album Incendiary consciousness, via State Rock.

And in Gran Canaria, with the title of Indestruktibles, Repression 24 Horas and Malformaciones Kongénitas appeared head with a shared disc and edited by Datana, La Choza, Banderas Negras and Merkanarias. The count of the extreme sounds in the Island concludes in Gozerk and his second disc Bizarre Flavors; and Föss with his first demo Fighters, on cassette.

It was 2018 a year when rock was left to love Gran Canaria. Next to the proposal of country and folk of Chateau Rouge with his first Ep –winners of the Most Crunchy 2018-, is Love Shot and Nautilus; i-Land, whose first record took them on tour in Japan; and Said Muti with his second Room 828, which had as a producer Ricky Falkner. With the truths that I counted as a single, Muti clings to the language of rock and soul.

The disc and collective "spectacle" Supervintage, by Redkan Vs. Maritrinix; Superalejandrito with Abuelito's Time, second installment of Alejandro Ramos under this brand; Nayaband, the Senegalese settled on the Island, with his third Plus D'amour; Radio Baifa, who had his long-awaited debut album; the premiere of Lajalada, the new sound toy by Belen Doreste (Bel Bee Bee); C Studio Sessions, by Zeason; Nimañana with the Ep Summer drakes; the second of Minds eXtremas, Renace; and the premiere of Cristo Socorro, Intuition, are other references and actors that brought 2018.


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