The Canarian interims put the focus on the bases of the OPE

Oppositionists attended the 2017 ordinary OPE recently held in Tafira. / cover

The unions assure that the disparity of criteria has been reduced and they hope to reach agreements before the deadline set by law

Ingrid Ortiz-Viera

The publication of the number of places in the extraordinary public employment offers (OEP) was “the easy part”. The
state law 20/2021 sets June 1 as the deadline for all administrations to bring to light this list of posts and, to date, they have done so
42 municipalities, three councils –Tenerife, La Gomera and Fuerteventura– and the regional executivewhich recently announced 3,496 seats.

“In the next few days we will see more, because there are those that are approved but not published and those that are left out will no longer be able to access this way,” explains Juan Miguel Suárez, secretary of union action for the CC OO. "Ideally, everything should come out now, although the reality is that in some administrations the procedure is being done quickly and quickly," he adds.

For the unions of the General Negotiation Table – except Intersindical Canaria – compliance with the deadline means “a step forward” to regulate the high rate of temporary employment in the archipelago. In line with the demands of Europe,
it is expected to go from 40% to 8% for the next two years.

However, the Autonomous Community is now facing a second phase, that of the publication of the bases
before December 31 of this year. “The real war is that”, according to the Sepca spokesman, Manuel González, despite the fact that they also affirm that the climate of the negotiation has improved with respect to the beginning of the conflict.

CC OO and CSIF coincide, presenting “more orderly” criteria and, therefore, they hope to get ahead and have a closed agreement by October. Along these lines, the work tables, which have already gained ground,
will meet the month that comes with the intention of closing the bulk of the agreement before August; a non-working month in the Administration.

The weight of old

Among the main points to be addressed is the weight that seniority and experience will occupy in the merit assessment criteria. The most notorious options respond to 60%, to which 40% training would be added, compared to 90% seniority and services provided to the convening administration with 10% training. “That is a red line and we believe that, in addition, Justice supports it,” adds Sepca.

CSIF points out that they have also included an addition amendment that will allow the improvement of the stabilization OPE for the
correction of possible errors and omissions that may have been committed, with the aim of guaranteeing the greatest protection to workers in fraud of law.

The guarantee that all those affected remain in their posts has already been denied by the Minister of Public Administrations, Julio Pérez, who assures that it is unfeasible.

In this sense, the unions affirm that the next step to be taken will be to regulate the people who have been left off the lists, but
they dare not "speculate" without first closing the current negotiations. "We have explained it from the beginning: it was necessary to carry out a selective process, and what we are trying to do now is that it be designed for those who are within the Administration," says CC OO. "There is nothing illegal, they are not new jobs but those that already exist."

The protests continue

The strike committee remains firm despite some progress that they already assumed would take place "to comply with the file" and outside the open conflict. Hence, Intersindical Canaria and Cobas have continued their fight through the courts, filing a lawsuit against the Administration for breach of the agreement signed in April.

In it they guaranteed the permanence of all the personnel in fraud of law, an agreement that they state will not be fulfilled.

In parallel, the protests continue after announcing that in June they would again extend the strike until December, which would mean extending it to two years.

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