Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

The Canarian Government asks that the main debate on fires in the Canary Islands focus on prevention and coordination

"Unfortunately, in the Canary Islands we are accustomed to the episodes of this type leading to a discussion about whether the means are sufficient, whether prevention and coordination have been good," he said Thursday after the Governing Council.

In this regard, he commented that on this occasion the matter has been "turned", since the means to fight against fire have been "sufficient" and that this may not be the first thing to discuss.

Perez believes that right now we should discuss the prevention and existence of highly combustible forest stands, the care of the elements against fire and the coordination of administrations "because we are also accustomed to ending major forest fires with reproaches between the administrations ".

Therefore, he pointed out that returning to the debate on the media in the center of what needs to be discussed, as happened this Wednesday in the Senate, seems to him a "mistake."

"The more means, the better," he said. "We will not be the ones who say that no more means are put in. At all, those that are needed and can come, but that is not the main discussion. The main discussion is prevention and coordination. "

For Pérez, then there is the issue that helicopters and seaplanes can have a permanent base in the Canary Islands, on which he pointed out that the media are put in one place or another according to the weather and other factors.

Thus, he has supported that there is one more Kamov helicopter in the archipelago and that it is permanently on the islands because "it seems that it is the most effective means of all aerial means.

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