The Canarian fight will not jump back into the arena until the next season – La Provincia

The Canary Wrestling also decides to give up this campaign. After a telematic meeting held yesterday by its highest officials (presidents of the islands and the Regional), the vernacular sport par excellence has decided to “suspend sporting events on all islands, social and educational programs scheduled for the 19/20 season of the Canary Wrestling “. The agreement has been” taken in consensus with all the members of the Governing Board and thinking of the particular good of the Canary Wrestling and the general population ” , as it says in a press release.

The decision was sung for Juan Ramón Marcelino, head of the Canary Islands Federation. “Besides that it is not known with certainty when the lack of confinement will end, they already told us on Friday, in the meeting we had with the General Directorate of Sports, that it will be phased and progressive, which fully affects a sport like ours, contact. They were not conditions to continue delaying the decision, “explains the president. Still, there is hope in the Regional to try to resume, in the future, those “competitions that were pending completion”, such as the DISA Government of the Canary Islands Tournament for men and the Government of the Canary Islands League for women “.


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