The Canarian Federation encourages cyclists to get their digital license

The Canarian Cycling Federation, with the backing of the Royal Spanish Federation, has installed a new digital system for the processing of federative licenses and the cycling card. A platform that will be valid for all cycling lovers, both those who compete or participate in cycling events, as well as those who are urban, leisure and occasional competitors, have their license or card more accessible, which since 2021 is 100% digital.

This digital license is more practical and comfortable since it is accessed from the smartphone, while cyclists can practice their favorite sport in full safety where they will have the following advantages: medical insurance, civil liability insurance, including for 2021 defense, legal protection and legal advice, both in competition and in training.

For a cyclist who competes, trains or participates in cycling events, the Federative License is the perfect complement to fully enjoy the sport and the new cycling season.

For its part, the cycling license for 20 euros per year will allow its holder to ride his bicycle with the complete peace of mind of knowing that he has civil liability insurance, legal defense and legal advice, among other advantages. For 12 euros more, in addition, you can also have sports insurance.


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