The Canarian companies request a norm that regulates the controls of Equality - The Province

The Canarian companies request a norm that regulates the controls of Equality - The Province

The Canarian companies associated with the Provincial Federation of the SME of Metal and New Technologies (Femepa) they bet for the creation of a norm-frame that regulates the controls of the plans of Equality of the companies. This was highlighted yesterday by the manager of the Canary Islands Industrial Association (Asinca), Laura Dapresa; the director of human resources and communication of Binter Canarias, Noelia Curbelo; the commercial and quality director of Municipal buses, Gemma Tor; and the human resources director of Gloria Thalasso & Hotels, Sonia Martínez, during the celebration of the day before the International Women's Day - which is commemorated today - and organized for the second consecutive year Femepa, together with the Adecco Foundation.

The purpose of the meeting was to show the reality of the companies and entities that operate in the Archipelago and that advocate for equal opportunities between men and women. "Equality plans are mandatory for those companies that have more than 250 employees on their staff, but volunteers for the rest, the problem is that there is no supervision or follow-up, which is why we are calling for the creation of a framework-norm. specific to regulate the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate, without the need for prior complaints, "said Laura Daughter.

For its part, Gemma Tor explained that currently "each company can define the assessment they want to make in their equality plans and establish the indicators of each action." For this reason, he considered that this procedure depends in large part on "the will of the management for wanting to carry out an Equality Plan that is measurable and can continue to develop actions".
Also, Sonia Martinez wanted to emphasize the importance of carrying out a good diagnosis of these measures with the clear purpose of analyzing the situation of the company in terms of equality. "It is fundamental to discover where we are, and when we have this information, the next step will be to analyze that data and find the source of any possible deviation."
Following this line, the director of human resources and communication of Binter Canarias pointed out that one of the great challenges that the companies have ahead lies in defining effective Equality plans, "and it would be positive if one of the areas was dedicated only to this , with the aim of being able to advance in a more effective way ".

The four companies agreed to ensure that "the path we follow is correct, but still" there is still much to be done. "In this sense, Gemma Tor opted to promote equality" from a transversal perspective, in different social areas. "Consciente of what Municipal buses It is a "very masculinized" sector, the professional added, "we have organized an Equality Committee that meets twice a year and establishes the main policies that must be undertaken. Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in which we have a bus driver in the night service ".
From Binter Canarias, Sonia Martinez announced that the airline already has 8% female pilots, "and compared to the one registered by other airlines, the percentage is higher".


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