June 17, 2021

The Canaragua del Agua chair of the ULPGC seeks to contribute to the ecological transition with innovative solutions

Canaragua Water Chair

Canaragua Water Chair

Last week the Water Chairs Network, “the union of a set of university chairs to contribute to an ecological and fair transition from the field of water through innovative solutions”. Among them is the Canaragua del Agua Chair at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). Its main objective is to contribute to an ecological and just transition that allows “promoting innovative solutions for mitigation and adaptation to climate change without leaving anyone behind,” according to a statement.

This network has been created to coordinate the efforts of the different chairs in this field, which promote research, training and dissemination in the field of comprehensive management of water resources and environmental sustainability from a multidisciplinary perspective, “essential for address the challenges faced by water management, such as the climate emergency “.

First joint work session

The Water Chairs Network held its first joint working session last Thursday, which was attended by Manuel Cermeron, CEO of Agbar, as well as the directors of each of the chairs that participate in this project, who presented its main strategic lines. On behalf of the Canaragua Chair, the doctor and director of the chair were present José Jaime Sadhwani Alonso, Professor at the University of the Department of Process Engineering of the ULPGC. The project of the network of chairs is also expected to include the team led by Noemí Padrón from the University of La Laguna, whose research is focused on the design of environmental policies and the analysis of economic incentives to internalize the social and environmental costs of our economic systems, with important contributions in the design of pollution markets such as the Kyoto Protocol and the EUTS using dynamic optimization models, industrial economics and simulation of electrical systems. He is currently leading the Intelligence and Digitalization for Sustainable Development in Islands (iDiSD) research group, with an amendment for the creation of the first circular economy platform on islands and conducting experiments with the aim of improving the results of environmental policies and of sustainability in island tourist destinations.

Collaboration between the different chairs will make it possible to develop a global positioning of the network in the face of common challenges, promote the connection of innovation ecosystems with the business fabric, boost the social and political agenda for the ecological transition, detect and generate talent, and reinforce partnerships as effective tools to propose solutions to the main challenges, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Water Chair of the ULPGC

The Water Chair at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria del agua is aimed at university students with an interest in the sector who want to expand their knowledge in this regard, to teachers, professionals and companies in the sector.

The Chair was created in May 2020 by the agreement signed between this University and Canaragua, Aguas de Telde, Teidagua and Aguas de Antigua for the continuous implementation – from a multidisciplinary perspective and with a cross-sectional scope of action among the ULPGC units impact on the issues that it has as its object – research, transfer, dissemination, teaching and innovation activities on matters related to the reality, problems and perspectives of the integral water cycle in the Canary Islands and the important relevance that water treatment (desalination , purification and reuse) has in the Islands to efficient and sustainable management of a scarce and essential natural resource.

The Water Chair is located in the Environmental Technologies knowledge area of ​​the Process Engineering Department of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, located in the Engineering Building on the Tafira University Campus.


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