June 19, 2021

The campus of the 140 jewels – The Province

The campus of the 140 jewels - The Province

The José Ojeda Christmas Campus, with the international playmaker Jonathan Viera Ramos de padrino, closed yesterday with a master class. After reaching the record number of 140 registered, Ojeda, exjugador of the University and extécnico asistante of Athletic Las Palmas, label of "total success" this formative cycle of two weeks. "It's about betting on fun and training, two complementary scenarios at these ages," says the trainer, at the Pepe Gonçalves stadium. The event was developed thanks to the sponsorship of the business firms Gladera's, La Arrancadilla, Ayoze Castellano Peluqueros and Ca'Remigio.

Sports equipment Adidas and the notions of an international like Jonathan Viera. The footballer of Beijing is the standard of this formative adventure that will continue next year. "We owe it to the parents and to this spirit of humility, we seek to teach from the most playful and professional side", concludes José Ojeda.


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