December 5, 2020

The campers in Barcelona fear an eviction after a group has left

One of the activists still in the square, Marc, has said in statements to journalists that those who have left the camp at the gates of the elections are part of organizations linked to political parties, and has mentioned Jovent Republicà and Arran.

"The political youths who have called off the protest had decided it from the beginning," and has criticized that they did not warn previously.

On the other hand, one of the young people who participated in the camping work commissions and has left the protest has stated that, although there were people in the camp who militated in several organizations, "all went on an individual basis".

In a statement, the activists who have terminated the protest have explained that they made the decision to "bet on working for self-determination and a dignified future in each neighborhood" of Catalonia through the CDR, feminist groups, the environmental movement , housing unions and other organizations.

According to another activist who has not abandoned the concentration, Jorge, the split has taken place by an attempt to boycott the sovereignty of the assembly: "We have been several days in which the political party organizations led the camp."

He also stressed that the five points of the protest manifesto have not been fulfilled, and considers "absurd and a hoax to liquidate a camp without having achieved any of its purposes", while those who have left celebrate that they managed to prevent Vox from performing an electoral act in the Plaza Universitat.


Regarding the accusation that those who have left the concentration have appropriated the money they had raised these days, Jorge has criticized that the commission that dealt with this issue "has always been an opaque entity" and that they do not know who is behind her, and says they don't know how much money they have taken.

According to the statement of the activists who have left, "all the money has been allocated entirely to the entities that legally defend" the people who have been detained in recent weeks, and note that it has not been invested in youth or political organizations.

Arran has also denied the accusations in a statement: "Neither Arran nor any political organization has usurped the space or stolen the money from the resistance box."

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