Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

The call of Sanchez and Iglesias does not unlock the negotiations for the investiture

Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias remain in their positions. 48 hours after the last meeting between the two, the socialist candidate and the leader of Unidas Unidas have talked on the phone. The call has served to confirm that, today, the positions are far away. And the clock runs.

The socialist secretary general announced this morning in an interview in Los Desayunos de TVE his intention to telephone his counterpart from Podemos throughout the day. Wednesday were the respective numbers two parliamentarians, Adriana Lastra and Irene Montero, who spoke to reach the same conclusion who have arrived today their heads of ranks.

From Podemos have pointed out that Pablo Iglesias, who heard about Sanchez's intention to be called by the media, sent him a message this morning to find out if he had planned to make the call effectively. They agreed to talk after lunch.

The same sources suggest that Iglesias has transmitted to Sánchez "the need to carry out a comprehensive negotiation of coalition government, without red lines or vetoes, and the absolute disposition of Unidos Podemos to start working once". "Pedro Sánchez remains immovable in his position," the same sources add. "He is not willing to negotiate the program of a coalition government or to share government responsibilities with the United We can be proportional to the votes", ditches.

The answer of the president of the Government in functions has arrived via Twitter. Sanchez has indicated that he has proposed to him "to negotiate first the program and, later, the composition of the Government". "We have to talk about content and know the degree of consensus, but regrettably, he has rejected the proposal and we will continue trying," the message concludes.

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