The CajaCanarias Foundation and the “La Caixa” Foundation continue the programming of the 5th International Festival of the Canary Islands Performing Arts

All the information is available at, from where tickets can also be purchased to attend the different functions of this fifth edition

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The CajaCanarias Foundation and the "la Caixa" Foundation continue to develop the programming of the 2022 Canary Islands International Performing Arts Festival (CAE), a cultural proposal that both entities launched on February 17 and that will run until May 21 through a total of 23 activities, to be held in different theater venues and public spaces on the eight islands of the archipelago. All the information corresponding to the artistic program of this fifth edition is available through, from where you can also buy seats for the different functions. The prices to enjoy the performances range between 10 and 25 euros, except for those activities that are free of charge or intended for school audiences, and will start at 8:00 p.m., in general, except for children's sessions, which have place at 11:00 a.m.

The theatrical program of the 5th Festival Canarias Artes Escénicas, organized by the CajaCanarias Foundation and the «la Caixa» Foundation, will continue next Saturday, April 9, with the presentation at the Guimerá Theater of the piece A deer in the headlights, the most recent creation of Cirque Le Roux. The French-Canadian company brings together in this work a gallery of surprising, charismatic, fun and exuberant characters, who illuminate the uniqueness, fragility and tenderness of all human relationships. A tribute to cinema, the contemporary circus and the human condition, with all its comedy, clumsiness and splendor.

Inspired by its translation into Icelandic, the company Plexus Polaire returns to the Festival Canarias Artes Escénicas calendar, after its success with Cendres, in 2018, to revisit, on this occasion, the myth of Dracula at the Teatro Leal (April 19), the CICCA Cultural Center (April 21) and the Municipal Theater of Tías (April 23). Yngvild Aspeli, the famous director of the French company, immerses herself with her team of creators in this dark and immortal secret of human nature, passed down from generation to generation. In this way, and driven by internal and external forces, the chorus of five actor-puppeteers blurs the line between life and death, becoming the undead when the puppets turn out to be more alive than ordinary mortals.

The scenic calendar of the Festival Canarias Artes Escénicas 2022 will come to an end with the Smashed2 tour, which will visit the Campo de Lucha de La Frontera (May 17), Santa Cruz de La Palma (May 19) and the island of La Graciosa (May 21th). In Smashed2, the Gandini Juggling company flips male and female roles in the first gender reimagining of one of the most celebrated contemporary circus works of the last decade. Inspired by the work of the great choreographer Pina Bausch, directors Sean Gandini and Kati Ylä-Hokkala borrow elements from her gestural choreography and combine them with intricate patterns and cascades of solo and group juggling. The result is a hybrid that, like its predecessor Smashed, is performed with meticulous unison and split-second timing. This fun, witty, and characterful performance is reminiscent of dance theater and will challenge your perception of contemporary juggling.

Activities for CAE 2022 schoolchildren

The Puppet Theater of Porto will bid farewell to the Canarian Performing Arts 2022 educational calendar with Frágil, an interpretive universe in which there are small and large stories. Things want to be taken to places they don't know, and they take little and big trips. In the fragile world, there are people/things looking for things/people. There are secrets that cannot be revealed, or that remain to be revealed, there is an open universe and a closed one. Canarian schoolchildren will be able to enjoy this piece, starting at 11:00 a.m., on April 26 (Teatro Circo de Marte) and 29 April (Auditorio Insular La Gomera), as well as on May 2 (Asabanos Cultural Center, Valverde ).

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