The CajaCanarias Foundation and La Caixa promote research

Young people researching in a laboratory of an educational center.  |  |  EUROPE PRESS

Young people researching in a laboratory of an educational center. | | EUROPE PRESS

The CajaCanarias Foundation and the La Caixa Foundation have launched on Friday, April 30, the Call for Aid for Research Projects 2021. This initiative is carried out for the ninth consecutive year as a formula for the development and empowerment of those areas that are of interest for the Canary Islands and whose results can help solve problems, contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations. For four years, the La Caixa Foundation has decided to join this Call with the aim of financing quality research projects, granted through public call and competitive competition, as an appropriate channel to materialize this objective shared by both entities.

The Call for Aid for Research Projects 2021, which has a total budget of 500,000 euros, will remain open until June 18, and both the bases and the corresponding registration documents are available through . In this new edition, the projects presented must contribute to providing solutions for the reconstruction of the economy and the creation of employment in the Canary Islands, and their results must be applicable in the socio-economic environment of the Archipelago. Research proposals must be focused on producing progress towards the consideration of the Canary Islands as a Green Archipelago.

The achievement of sustainable development objectives is pursued

With this call, the CajaCanarias Foundation and the La Caixa Foundation also intend to contribute to the research centers of the Autonomous Community becoming a reference in matters related to the study of alternatives for the reconstruction of the Canarian economy after crisis situations , promoting diversification and job creation, promoting that the projects presented are inserted into a research development strategy in this area in the medium and / or long term, and trying to favor a better positioning of the research centers at the national level and European through the work carried out.

Through this call from the CajaCanarias Foundation and the La Caixa Foundation, research projects will be financed in relation to the following aspects of interest in the field of rebuilding the economy and creating jobs in the Canary Islands: First of all reindustrialization. It is about promoting alternative industries related to transport and the development of airport logistics platforms that stimulate the economy in urban and non-urban areas. Second, the circular economy, that is, the reduction and management of waste and pollutants, and their subsequent use in industrial activity, favoring self-sufficiency in the islands. Third, sustainable mobility, related to proposals for mobility models, mainly supported by the use of clean energies or with a clear reduction of the carbon footprint, which allow to preserve the environment and generate more sustainable and better urban environments. quality of life for citizens.

Research proposals must advance in considering the Canary Islands Archipelago Verde

In all cases, the approach to solutions that allow the evolution towards a self-sustainable archipelago free of contamination will be positively valued, as well as the use and impact of the different types of renewable energy in the reindustrialization process. The projects may have an execution period of two or three years, with an endowment of up to 60,000 euros for the execution of those that incorporate a PhD researcher to the team.


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