The CaixaBank staff will go on strike due to the lack of agreement for the ERE

The CaixaBank unions have called a general strike at the bank for next June 22. The agreement to formalize the ERE in the state-owned entity is still a long way off and the workers’ representatives have chosen to mobilize the workforce. In this case, the call has the backing of all the bank’s union forces.

The negotiation of the ERE in CaixaBank began more than a month and a half ago, but the agreement does not reach. In fact, the legal period of the negotiation table had already had to be extended, which expired at the beginning of June without an agreement being sealed. The date was postponed to the end of June, but the days pass and unions and the bank do not reach a common point. The next meeting of the table is precisely on June 22, a few days before the extension of the process expires again.

The bank has informed the unions on Wednesday that it is willing to “make it as easy as possible for the entity’s exits to be voluntary.” “It must be the absolute priority criterion”, sources from the bank have indicated. The bank has opened itself to the establishment of maximum quotas for departures by age groups or the incorporation of priority criteria that order which people would have priority when accepting their request for voluntary withdrawal. These types of measures would be alternatives to limiting the percentage of departures of those over 50 years of age to 60% of the total. In recent days the bank has also improved its economic proposal.

However, the unions maintain their opposition to the ERE as proposed and, among other issues, ask that the possibility of forced dismissals be removed from the table. In addition, they have expressed their “deep discomfort” over the relocation plan that the bank has offered to the unions.


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