Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

The cabins with WiFi triumph in New York

Las cabinas con WiFi triunfan en Nueva York

More of 5 million citizens of New York use the Internet access towers scattered around the city. According to the data that the responsible team has shared, that is the number of registered users in September. But there is more data. More than half a million calls and a billion sessions initiated confirm that the service is a total success.

At the beginning of 2016, the city of New York began to replace all their telephone booths by internet access points with high speed connections. The boxes of all life, with the headphones and keyboards of the phones, were replaced by the LinkNYC project, which consisted of a network of small towers Equipped with an Android tablet and access to WiFi connection. All, for free.

The financing of the towers with access to the internet, it was raised through the advertising panels on the sides of the structure. Browse the web, search for directions with Google Maps and make calls through the same Internet connection (VoIP calls) … Even two USB ports to charge the phone, without charges.

Nowadays, more than 1,700 LinkNYC towers they are scattered around the city. The structure is designed to withstand the use of millions of citizens: double glazing to protect the hardware, flat surfaces to avoid dirt, little space to prevent users from accommodating themselves and abusing the service …

The WiFI kiosks provide a useful service for the inhabitants of the city without assuming any extra cost

The design is well thought out, but even so the service also had to face some problems. Users who appropriated the towers, staying pledged of the screen and browsing YouTube videos all day, people visiting pornography pages -cases that led to the elimination of the browser-, complaints about their poor adaptation to disabled people and their lack of accessibility …

Their cameras and sensors also generate suspicion between the population. What data are collected, with what purpose and who supervises them? The project's concessionaire, Intersection, denies any accusation and ensures that does not collect accurate information of location or navigation histories.

The WiFi Kiosks in New York have known reinvent the function of the cabins offering a useful service to the inhabitants of the city without assuming any extra cost beyond the visual impact of two new advertising spaces in a city that has long since lost the war against the invasion of the marks in the public space.

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