July 25, 2021

The Cabildo of Gran Canaria stops the transport bond of Canarian residents – La Provincia

The Cabildo of Gran Canaria stops the transport bond of Canarian residents - La Provincia

HeCanary Resident Bonus, the extent to which the regional government wants to lower the cost of public land transport, walks at different speeds in each of the islands, where the respective councils are those who have to implement the initiative. Meanwhile inTenerifethe bonus is already in operation, inGran Canaria, however, its implementation is paralyzed. In the Cabildo presided by Antonio Morales understand that they should receive an order from the regional government with the details of the measure, although the Cabildo de Tenerife did not receive the document until just days ago and this has not prevented the citizens of the island of Teide can now request the new title. Also from other island corporations, such asLa Gomera, they emphasized that the guidelines to start the bond are on the table since last May and that, in fact, they are already finalizing the details to follow Tenerife in its implementation.

HeMinister of Transport and Mobilityof the Cabildo de Gran Canaria,Juan Francisco Trujillo, he assured yesterday that in the institution they have not received that order to which they attribute that the bond is not in march in the island. "There is no order that includes, for example, financing," stressed Trujillo, who explained that the first meeting between representatives of the regional government and the councils to address the initiative, held on May 23, did not go long. beyond the distribution of money and to set a more technical meeting in mid-June. However, representatives of other councils affirmed that already at the first meeting in May the foundations and guidelines were laid, from which each council should work on adapting and implementing the measure on their respective island.

"There was already agreed the distribution of money" -the 30 million euros will be distributed according to 12 million for Tenerife, others for Gran Canaria and the rest for the remaining five islands-, stressed theAdvisor of Mobility and Development of the Cabildo de Tenerife,Miguel Becerra. "There was a consensus that each island should adapt the measure to their circumstances, because it could not be the same on all the islands, and with those instructions we have been working," said Becerra. The president of the Cabildo de La Gomera, Casimiro Curbelo, seconded the words of the Minister from Tenerife and stressed that the "guidelines" are "very clear", to the point that said that the bonus will also be underway in the coming weeks on the island Columbian, as will also happen in Fuerteventura. Curbelo even pointed out that he has not seen "any intentionality" to benefit exclusively Tenerife, which recognizes greater mobility problems and more urgency to close jobs. "We have all had the same criteria," he added.

The councilor of the Cabildo de Tenerife said, yes, that already in the technical meeting in mid-June studies were transferred from his department to the regional government for it to analyze. "The counseling stayed with our studies and the contact between the technicians was maintained," said Becerra, who even admitted that by mid-August they began to "pressure" the counseling to close issues such as, for example, the design of the card.

The Minister from Tenerife pointed out, in relation to that order that the Gran Canarian Cabildo claims – it is a proposal of theGeneral Directorate of Transport-, that this did not enter the institution until last Saturday, only days ago, "and I think that just as it came to me, it will have reached all the councils". In it, the financing of the one already discussed in the May meeting is black and white, although "beyond that, it is not that it says anything very different from what the orders of previous years have said" (with the that the regional government articulates the transfer of funds for land transport).

The Gran Canaria councilor acknowledged yesterday that they have received emails from the counseling, but insisted that they do not have that order that sets "criteria" and "economic amounts", not at least until just days ago. Although this did not stop the councils of Tenerife and La Gomera, Trujillo said his hands were tied. Moreover, the grancanarian councilor said that in one of those emails the council moves to only eight of the 12 million, which the state contributes, and that the other four "are not consigned." Instead Becerra explained that the regional funds will be articulated in a complementary order. The voucher allows travel between 47 and 50 euros per month in any line.


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