The Cabildo of Gran Canaria launches 300,000 euros in audiovisual aid

The Cabildo of Gran Canaria launches 300,000 euros in audiovisual aid

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The Ministry of Culture of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria will subsidize
€300,000 to the different audiovisual projects that choose and finally obtain the aid contemplated in the call corresponding to the annuities of
2022, 2023 and 2024.

The aforementioned convocation of the aforementioned council that directs
Guacimara Medina Its purpose is to contribute to the cultural enrichment of Gran Canaria through the different forms of audiovisual expression, as well as to provide the audiovisual sector with greater financial capacity when carrying out its productions, thus stimulating its growth.

Until the next
May 22 Interested parties have a deadline to present their projects to the four modalities contemplated in the bases, which can already be consulted at This call for grants will be processed in a competitive concurrence regime.

Grants will be awarded for the development of
feature films or series in the categories of fiction, documentary and animation (10,000 euros); the production of fiction, documentary and animation feature films (40,000 euros); the production of fiction, documentary and animation short films (12,000 euros); the production of video creation, video installation, video dance or exhibition works (4,000 euros).

Both companies and
self-employed and self-employed individuals with fiscal domicile on the island of Gran Canaria duly registered in the economic activity corresponding to the activity for which the subsidy is requested, with at least
12 months old, even if not continuously, in the three years prior to the grant application.

It will not be possible to request several grants by companies that are managed by the same person,
nor can be presented the same project to several of the modalities.

The jury of the call will assess the proposals received according to different criteria, including the cultural and creative value of the project, its technical and economic viability and the promotion of the professional fabric of Gran Canaria and the gender equality policy.

The amount of these subsidies from the Cabildo
has been increasing progressively in recent years.

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