The Cabildo doubles its contribution to the Juan Negrn Foundation - La Provincia

The Cabildo doubles its contribution to the Juan Negrn Foundation - La Provincia

The president of Cabildo of Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, announced on Monday that the island institution will double its annual contribution to the Juan Negrin Foundation in an act with Carmen Negrin, granddaughter of the last head of the Government of the Second Spanish Republic, who agreed on the importance of this funding in these such difficult times for European democracies, which gives full validity to the visionary proposals of which he was also the first professor of Medicine of the Canary Islands.

"Today wars are not declared. Long before a country has been chosen, months or years before, dissensions are sown, antagonisms are provoked, animosity is fostered, and when the situation is ripe and the objective of discord has been achieved, then a plot by a few conspirators, a revolt of simulated patriots or a well prepared and better paid protest of a minority will serve to cover up the rebellion "wrote Juan Negrín, who warned in 1939 that the Spanish conflict was the first act of conflagration in Europe, according to the press release sent from the island corporation.

Precisely recover their approaches, work and spread them helps not only to understand "where we are, but eventually where we are going, the problems are still valid, lHistory is never repeated the same but there are many similar elements and you have to answer them"so that they do not reproduce," said Carmen Negrín, who considered the endorsement of the Gran Canaria Cabildo to be essential.

Thus, the president of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria explained that the annual contribution of 50,000 euros for the Foundation, whose headquarters is in a Vegueta building also provided by the insular institution, will now add another 48,000 euros, so that each year will receive 98,000 euros, which in this 2019 adds an extraordinary game of 42,000 euros so that the entity faces commitments already acquired.

One quarter for investments

Likewise, he added, together with José Medina, president of the Foundation, the agreement that both parties will sign shortly will contemplate that up to 20% can be allocated to investments.

All this will serve to support that a trunk recently discovered by the granddaughter and 40 boxes could at the time be opened, inventoried and studied, in short, "explored", as if there were few 150,000 documents that are already available to the public , the valuable archive of Juan Negrín treasured in what was his house of Paris "still keeps pearls", said his granddaughter, who on Monday moved to Gran Canaria to mark the anniversary of the birth of the statesman.

One of the objectives is inventory the legacy, move it to Gran Canaria and once on the island undertake the scanning, for which the Foundation will have to acquire the necessary equipment, detailed the same sources

"Contributing to the study of his documents is more necessary than ever, not only because of his figure, but because of the values ​​he defended, his three premonitory speeches are incredible and the moment in which he made them," Morales said, referring to the message to the people American, the letter to President Roosevelt and his message to the country explaining the moment he lived in January 1939, just a few months before the war broke out, and that they have been recovered by the Foundation and published in his Web on the occasion of 127th anniversary of his birth this Sunday, February 3.

"He was a man with a deep civic thinking, republican and a great prestige as a researcher who fought in a decisive way fascism, "said Morales, who described the work done by the Foundation and his family as extraordinary.

Regarding the access of trainings of ultra-right to Spanish institutions, Carmen Negrín said that she supports the need to take into account the teachings of Juan Negrín, since "it is not a Spanish problem, it is a general problem, not even a European one".


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