Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

"The cabals are for people from outside"

Hermoso va partido a partido: “Las cábalas son para la gente de fuera”

The Madrid native is one of the players who has evolved the most this season, to the point that he has gone to the last two calls for Luis Enrique with the Spanish team. And even so Mario Hermoso, which has always been described as ambitious, still believes that it has much to improve. "I've been playing for two and a half years as a center back (before he was left-back). Like everything, there are things to improve both tactics and game reading but they are things that with games and different players, they try to reduce errors and increase the potential. In the end, the one that better does it is the one that diminishes the failures that it has. That is our day to day, "he explains.

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Hermoso is very defensive - and never better said - when asked about "solidity" in defense. A question that for him "does not make sense" because "in six or seven games we have received few goals against bigger teams in budget". Naldo, that this Wednesday was part of the training with the group and then exercised on their own, is one of the keys in that improvement. Beautiful, next to him, feels "the same as with any partner". Just as he felt with David López, long-term injured: "We have the misfortune to live injuries and things that are not pleasant."

We must follow the same line, add three in three, and continue with our game philosophy "

The central was seen celebrating the victory against Girona in Montilivi very effusively Motives had for it: "We knew that it was an important game, a derby, it gave us an extra motivation, what better way than to break the streak without winning out there". Now what touches from here to the end of the season is "follow the same line, add three in three, continue with our philosophy and play and take advantage of the opportunities in the rival area and make us the least possible opportunities."

That philosophy that he has established Ruby is to "defend through the ball, to reach the rival area with control and pass", something "very complicated because everything has to be very fast and accurate." That's why the defender makes a defense at all costs: "Rubi is doing a fantastic job, she has to have a long project". He also attributes that merit "to those of above", who have made Espanyol "consolidate in that philosophy" of being "brave with the ball and protagonists". "There are risks, but it's nice," he adds.

We live day to day with maximum enthusiasm and respect for the rival "

This Saturday Espanyol faces the Alavés, team against which in the first leg, after winning 0-1 in Mendizorroza, ended up losing 2-1. Of that party "something is learned", assures the central one. "We will work so that things do not repeat themselves," he insists. Of them he considers that they play "a thing that is the opposite of us" but admires that they hold "up in the classification" and for him "the two ideas are just as good as you get the best out of each player".

Mario Hermoso does not want to hear about "cabals", which leaves him "for people from outside". He assures that in the dressing room they live "day to day with maximum enthusiasm and respect for the rival", because in the seven remaining "finals" there are teams "who fight for Europe and teams that struggle not to descend ". His personal philosophy is to go "match by match", because "to get to the best there is a lot of work behind" and that's why you can not get there from "the first day" and talk about "playing Europe or winning the Champions"

The letter of José María Calzón

Who knows him knows that he is not a person like that; He was wrong and you have to know how to rectify "

A recurring question is that of his future. To which Mario Hermoso clings to the usual: "I have a contract until 2020." And everything will remain the same unless "Espanyol wants to kick me out today, tomorrow or next month".

Questioned by one of the controversies in which the club has been involved in this last week, the racist insult of the delegate of Espanyol José María Calzón
, is blunt: "He who knows 'Chema' knows that he is not a person like that, at that moment he was wrong and we have to know how to rectify". On the personal letter published this Wednesday he considers that "he has done the right thing and we do not have to comment, we do not get into these things". If someone has to talk "it's the club".

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