February 25, 2021

The CAAM schedules eight exhibitions for 2021 and maintains face-to-face and virtual activities

He Atlantic Center of Modern Art (CAAM) today presented its programming 2021, which includes eight exhibitions and a hundred multidisciplinary and informative activities related to contemporary culture, such as conferences, courses, workshops, seminars, concerts or talks-colloquium, among others, as well as parallel activities to the different exhibitions. Despite the current context of pandemic, the Cabildo de Gran Canaria art center has kept its doors open since June 2020 with all current health regulations, and has articulated a new program with both face-to-face and virtual activities.

In this way, the CAAM reaffirms its purpose to continue working at the service of society and promoting new vehicles of knowledge from contemporary art and culture that can provide citizens with tools that contribute to generating lines of analysis and critical thinking, As pointed out by the Minister of Culture of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and president of the CAAM, Guacimara Medina, who presented the program together with the director of the center, Orlando Britto Jinorio.

‘Dance?’ is the great thematic research project of 2021 at CAAM, an exhibition on an international scale that addresses how dance and choreographic mechanisms have been incorporated into the contemporary museum space. A transdisciplinary exhibition that includes works by artists from the European, African and American continents.

This exhibition proposal on dance is one of the largest projects carried out by CAAM in recent years. It will occupy for three months – from March 25 to July 18 – all the art rooms of the two CAAM headquarters. Its relevance lies in its content and what it contributes in terms of research on dance and its choreographic mechanisms in museography related to contemporary art. The curator of this exhibition is the choreographer, ex-dancer and visual artist from Gran Canaria residing in Paris, Gabriel Hernández.

During this exhibition, three works in the exhibition will be activated by six professional dancers from the Canary Islands, selected through an audition coordinated by the prestigious French choreographer Xavier Leroy. The public will be able to enjoy these works throughout the three months of the exhibition.

Artist on the periphery of the system

The second exhibition season will take place in summer, from August 5 to October 24, and is starred by the first major retrospective dedicated to the Canarian painter José Martín (La Palma, 1922-1996), a singular artist located on the margins of the art system, who has not had the knowledge and recognition that his work deserves. This is a research project addressed by the Canarian specialist and teacher Celestino Celso Hernández, commissioned by CAAM.

This exhibition is part of the CAAM’s commitment to research and give visibility to relevant figures in the construction of the contemporary artistic avant-garde in the Canary Islands. This exhibition will be a discovery for the vast majority of the population.

‘José Martín’ will coexist with another exhibition featuring works from the CAAM Collection, paying homage in one of the rooms to two famous artists, Lola Massieu and Baudilio Miró Mainou, on the occasion of the centenary of their birth. The ‘Artistic Residences’ program also continues this year in its fifth edition.

As every year, the center hosts, from January 28 to February 28, 2021, a new edition of the collective exhibition ‘Territorio CAAM, which brings together works by students from the Gran Canaria School of Art and Design. On this occasion, in the twenty-first edition of this project, the students of the School who are studying the higher-level training cycles of Graphic Design, Advertising Graphics, Interior Design and Sculpture Applied to the show, present on the second floor of the main headquarters from CAAM works inspired by works from the exhibition ‘Ángel Sánchez’, dedicated to the famous artist and writer from Gran Canaria.

Reforms in the main headquarters building

The exhibition program for 2021 is divided into only two seasons. Unlike previous years, this year there will not be three exhibition blocks due to the improvement works that are scheduled to take place from November 2021 to January 2022, and which will mean the temporary closure of its main headquarters during those three months , continuing the activities in the virtual space.

The works consist of the renovation of the electrical and lighting system of the center, with the aim of achieving greater energy efficiency and sustainability. A project of great technical scope considering that it is carried out in a building of about 1,500 square meters of surface.

Along with this, in those three months, the work of repair and restitution of part of the pyramidal iron and glass structures located on the roof of the museum is also planned.

CAAM- San Antonio Abad

The 2021 program in the CAAM-San Antonio Abad space, after the exhibition of the ‘Dance?’ Project, continues with the collective exhibition CV space -from August 5 to October 3- which gives visibility to young artists from the Canary Islands under 35 years of age, through a selection that is articulated through a public call.

After the summer, this space of the CAAM exhibits -from October to January 2022- the exhibition of the Spanish artist residing in Amsterdam, Alicia Framis, which will be presented under the title ‘Sisters hoop’, a project that incorporates mechanisms of social participation and they also have character performative. This project was initially scheduled for 2020 and postponed due to the pandemic due to its relational nature.

In the publishing field, apart from the exhibition catalogs, the CAAM will present the edition of a book that will collect the 25 ‘Conversations from my studio’ in which 50 professionals from art, literature or art criticism have participated, one initiative launched by the CAAM within the framework of the plan promoted by the Council of Culture of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria to revitalize the artistic and cultural sector and its productive fabric during the spring of 2020. Along with this, the CAAM plans to publish a publication on the visual history of CAAM, from 1989 to 2020.

CAAM Sustainable Classroom

On the other hand, this year the development of the CAAM Sustainable Classroom continues, coordinated by Blanca de la Torre, with new conferences and actions related to art, culture and sustainability. This Classroom is the first think-tank or permanent laboratory of ideas that starts up a Spanish art center around contemporary creation and sustainability. The initiative, in the words of its person in charge, “was born with the aim of promoting from culture the search for effective sustainable proposals that contribute to change the current social and economic model and chart a course towards a better future for citizens.”


The Cabildo de Gran Canaria, the institution that supports the operation of the CAAM allocates this year the amount of 3,272,660 euros, compared to 4,435,620.78 euros the previous year. In operating expenses, the center will have an item of 1,750,000 euros, 29.59% less compared to the financial year 2020 due to the economic context derived from the pandemic. In personnel expenses, the amount of 1,522,660 euros is maintained.


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